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Star City Pokerroom Sydney- Avoid At All Costs.

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So I heard yesterday that the APPT was still running in Star City.So I put some pants on, catch a bus, train and a tram to the casino.When I get there I find that the Tournament is over, and all the big names hadleft, including Scotty Nguyen (the reason I went down there).So I instead decided to jump into a $1-$2 no limit game with an $80 max buy in.I play 4 hands when in the BB I am dealt KK. Now the rake there is 10%!!! Plus a $10 per hourseat payment. Absolute piss! So the players are raising it to $22 preflop!After 6 callers of the $22, I decide to push all in as there is over $120 in the pot already, hopingto push some out. They all fold around to this one man. He calls.The flop comes K74, great! Oh no wait, they are all spades. The guy stands up and goes "OOO HOO HOOO!"and flips over the A.... duece of spade..... This ****tard puts 40 bb's into the pot preflop with A2.The best he could be in is a 60% favorite. So I have 7 dollars left at the table.The next time I am in the BB I am able to check it. The flop brings me 2 pair so I throw my last $5 into the pot.They of course all call. The turn card is terrible making the board 4768, me having only 67 and 8 players in the pot.One guy moves all in and flips over 9T. So I pound my scotch and coke and get the hell out of there.Lesson to learn? Don't come to sydney to play poker EVER.

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...okwhy are you even playing in a game where....-Max buyin is 40xBB-Charges you $10 hour to play-Rake is 10%-Standard opening raise is over 1/4 your start stackYou're an idiot for sitting down in that game.

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