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Smart Hockey Players Of All Time

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Here's a topic guaranteed to tick off a lot of present and former NHL players, not to mention many of those reading this: The 10 smartest NHL players I've seen.With apologies to those omitted, I humbly submit for your consideration this list, arranged not in order but as a group. Goalies are not included.1. Wayne Gretzky2. Mario Lemieux3. Jacques Lemaire4. Bob Gainey5. Pierre Pilote6. Ray Bourque7. Gordie Howe8. Dave Keon9. Nicklas Lidstrom10. Bryan Trottier
Full articleI'm not enough of a hockey historian to comment on this list but I'm sure some of you are and I'd like to hear debate.
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cant remember what game i was watching the other day but the announcers were saying how stu grimson went back to vanderbilt and got himself a law degree and is now a qualified attorney
He did get his law degree and in fact was a lawyer for the NHLPA before he just recently quit.
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