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$12/180 Turbo Strat. Talk

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Aloha and HowziT FCP, So i've played a good handful of these 180s, somewhere around 85ish and i've been fortunate to have a few good scores to come up on the + side. I've decided that I'm going to try and play this 180 full time/daily and see what I can make out of it. I know that playing around 85ish so far isnt that good of an amount to judge ones play. But up until now, i think in the long run i can keep up a positive ROI playing this 180. We'll have to wait and see. I plan to play about 7-10 per day and hoping to get in 60ish at weeks end. Since it takes roughly an hour to get ITM i think this is def. manageable, volumely speaking.Notes (not in specific order)- Its a turbo, so that means donks will give you lots of opportunites to double your stack.- If you go deep, ITM should be an hour into the tourney.- FT blinds will be around 1200/2400- 20k stack is somewhat comfortable at the FT to PWN- 50k stack @ the FT means your golden.- Blinds will creep up on you fast, peoples "m" will be rather low including yours if you go card dead. Which will cause people to shove/call with marginal hands.Thats all i have for now notes wise, but if you have something that i forgot to mention please feel free to post. So others can benefit. :club: If anyone wants to run w/me during this building BR goal/challenge, let me know so we can talk strat. I'm going to start NOv. 20. thanks for your time, jC

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Looks good so far. -Don't fold AK/AA-QQ preflop (like 90% of the time)-Pick out the tightest people and pick on them primarily.-Double up early... always helps to have a good stack. :-D

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