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So How Are The Games At Foxwoods?

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Yea, foxwoods isnt that bad.. I mostly play the 1/2 games there.. which really never shapes up to a normal 1/2.. ive sat at tables that were pretty much all in or fold... raises of 60 preflop. As for the limit hold em... more of a joke... id have to play higher stakes to get some sort of competition cause on 2/4 its almost always 7+ to the flop.. The tourneys arent bad tho... They are actually a bright stop... even tho they charge more then expected for the house.. 100+20

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I found the games over all to be surprisingly decent @ 2-5. There were just enough folks in there that knew what they were doing to make it sort of tough to make any easy money. Could be because the WPT was in town, but not sure. Also, most folks seemed to know each other so that only made it harder imo.Not to say you can't make a buck there, but I was surprised that it was as tuff as it was.1-2 was far more exploitable/profitable for me. Not sure if it is always this way.Just to kill time one day I played a SNG and pretty much coasted through, chopped for 1st with a guy for $400 (he had me out chipped too, lol). I haven't played any tournament stuff in a very long time either, I found it to be VERY easy.gl!

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