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Nba All Star Voting

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Its early but luckily you can vote more than once so these picks might change by the time of the all-star break.Mine:EASTF - Bosh (homer pick, LeBron is having a great year)F - GarnettG - FordG - RichardsonC - Howard [shaq will win it no matter what]WestF - AnthonyF - BoozerG - McGradyG - KobeC - Aldridge

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Ford is more of a homer pick than Bosh.How do you have Adridge in there over Yao or Duncan?
Ford's averaging 13 ppg and 8 assists so far. Kidd could take the other guard spot maybe but until Wade is in full swing and Arenas starts playing better I think Ford should be there. I consciously picked Alridge over Duncan because he's having a good year so far and Duncan could be doing better.But I forgot about Yao :club:
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