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Is This A Weird Pokerstars Support Request?

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Or am I overreacting? Here's the deal: like many, I have an account that I use only for online transactions. Thus, I don't check it too often. Back in October I made a "tester" deposit of $60 using PokerStars echecks. I got the funds, but didn't check whether it had left my account until a few days ago. It had, but on the same day of the withdrawal, there was a DEPOSIT of $100 made. I checked the company, and it was a one of PS' echeck processors. Being a good person (and thinking they would figure it out sometime), I e-mailed them about it, thinking it must have been a mistake. After a couple back and forths, I get an e-mail asking for a screen shot of my bank account page. I'm sure there isn't anything to worry about, and they already have my banking information so they wouldn't be getting anything (importan) they wouldn't already have, but isn't that kind of a weird request? I don't even know what info. that would give them to help them, as I already told them the transaction numbers and such. Thoughts?Cliff notes: After an incorrect deposit into my account, pokerstars support asks for a screenshot of my bank account even though they already have all the information that is there. Oh, and it's been a while since I've posted over here, and couldn't find a "pokerstars" type of thread, so move if appropriate.

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No way PS asks for a screen shot of what they already have. It's irrelevant to Echeck cares what's on your screen, they only care about what left their accounts. A screen shot of your PS account shows them nothing...except for all your private info.What I would do is open the properties tab on the email, cut the entire header and paste it here:http://headertool.apelord.com/Then I would email it to PS and Echeck.

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