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Who Died Today?

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He's colder than that, now.

When DFW died, Chorozzo made a disrespectful comment, and I slowly willed him into the grave over it. I didn't love Prince less than I loved DFW.

jesus would somebody fucking just die already so we can get a break in the music snobbery here?

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You've probably seen him.


More than once.




Scent of a Woman

Independence Day

Talented Mr Ripley

Seinfeld Series Finale

My Cousin Vinny

30 Rock

Multiple Law & Order Episodes



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how very christian of you.


I was actually meaning that for potodds' guy, but I've never heard of either, so it works for both.

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James Rebhorn?


He was a great character actor. played a very convincing dick.


Headmaster Trask in Scent of a Woman. Fantastically done by him.


He was also good in Carlito's Way

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Mickey Rooney dead at 93.

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