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Who Died Today?

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Yeah I started reading these books at Guapo's suggestion, mostly because they took place in Venice. They are not like good or anything, but entertaining. Just like his tv shows, really. The A-Team and Greatest American Hero have to be two of the best shows ever, but they are both pretty bad.
I never claimed he was a literary genius. But if you like cop shows/movies/books. He's your man.
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He's colder than that, now.

When DFW died, Chorozzo made a disrespectful comment, and I slowly willed him into the grave over it. I didn't love Prince less than I loved DFW.

jesus would somebody fucking just die already so we can get a break in the music snobbery here?

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It's how it is amongst people who have a functional funny mechanism, choosing to not live their lives sitting around all day stroking cats and striving to make the world a better place through hypersensitivity and well-meaning tantrums of vagina emotion.
Whoa...come on. I can appreciate making fun of recently deceased friends while stroking my cats with a hand tied behind my back.
Gilbert is the king of "too soon". He made 9/11 jokes just weeks after the event and when the audience turned on him he went into the most hillarious telling of the aristocrats you will ever hear.
Does anyone know where to find that video? I feel like I've tried to find it many times and never could.
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You know what bothers me?Crowd: (What Big Daddy?)When you get a call from a girl friend/emotional girl and they are bawling about a friend of a friend who they once had a drink with 10 years ago passing and how the frailty of life has just hit them so hard. I don't know what to say in those moments, am I supposed to be like, "I'm sorry on behalf of a friend of a friend's cousin's second concubine's niece, condolences."
Well since we are all family (or at least acquainted) by six degrees. We all could get phone calls like this every day:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page You'll find some dead there everyday under the "On this day..."-section.In the german wikipedia they even have a "died today"-section :club: Plus women are generally more emotional, even about movies or people they don't know personally...
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Florence Henderson has got to be a little nervous about now
OK, that's way better than any of the responses I was considering. Here you go:Grand-Prize-Ribbon.jpg
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I'm certain there's plenty of Christians who hope they're wrong too.
I'm not totally sure what you're saying here, but I'm just going to assume that it's what I'm thinking and agree with you.
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