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"a Winning Session"

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I'm curious what everybody requires to consider a session "a winning session." I know the dollar amount would vary with the stakes, but I'm thinking in reference to your buy-in. While I'm certainly happier with a 100%+ increase, I think walking away with 50% more than I sat down with is probobly my minimum requirement for a winning session. If I buy in for $50 and walk with $65 I'm definately happier than if it was $35, but a 30% profit is just a shade over breaking even, I think.Thoughts?

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Any win is a win. I think a better question would be "What do you consider to be a good session?"...Even though some times u can play good and still lose money or play horrible and win money...So pretty much I think if u had fun and made money its probably a winning session...

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