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Hevad Kahn Is A Freaking Moron

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ObeytheDog has easily become one of my favorite posters. I'm gonna set the over/under on the length to type is average post at 20 minutes. (though I do hear the guy is slow, so maybe it is a bit higher. :club: . sw.)

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i have a temperament and its something i cant really help ~ but when i bust out of a live tourney ido my best to tap the table and say GG.now If someone put a shark in my face that piece of plastic would end up in someones A$$~ its only a matter of time before someone gets knocked out

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He's actually very civil. But people always need to find something to hate on, so I guess it doesn't matter what I say. But I know for a fact that he doesn't do it to be obnoxious, or to put people on tilt, he just does it because its fun. He doesn't say disrespectful things like "WHO HAS THE BEST HAND AS USUAL" or "this man can't even spell poker". And when I mean that's the way he acts, I don't mean that he goes crazy when he buys a drink or finds a song that he likes. When he's excited, he just lets it out. Is he nuts? Sure. Is he obnoxious? To some people. But he's not a bad person or disrespectful.
Being a bad person and being disrespectful are two totally different things. He may be a great guy--I've got no reason to think he isn't, and he didn't seem to be celebrating explicityly to rub other people's noses in it (as we've seen from countless other players). Acting like that may be just the way he acts. It may be totally natural. That, however, isn't an excuse for it. It simply shows an amazing lack of self control. Whether he intends to be disrespectful or not, that's the outcome.
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