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Official Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

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Is it a coincidence that every good team in the league follows the "fancy video game stat Geek" model of thinking? and NHL seasons aren't 68 games long, unfortunately.

I had this thought process of blasting into you, getting all mad and belligerent, and then I realized, whats the point. I don't know you, I don't really know what makes you tick, and at the end of the

I guess I'll disclaim this by saying I'm a huge Sundin fan. He's probably my favourite player of all time.   First: Nobody knows exactly what happened. The Leafs couldn't work out a trade with a pla

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And I chose Strome over Marner. I really should quit fantasy sports.


I remember having this discussion with a couple of buddies. One of them kept saying there is only one reason Marner was picked. Because he was a London Knight. The leafs should have taken Hanafin.



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And I chose Strome over Marner. I really should quit fantasy sports.


ya, but you would have called up Marner too quickly and ruined him.

Hes only doing this well because I let him grow+develop on the Whalers farm.

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I never want to miss another leafs game


As the head of the California chapter of Leafs nation, will be fun to attend the game in San Jose on Feb 28.

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This came to me as a text, so not sure if its accurate..


Auston Matthews is the only player in the NHL with a SOG in every game.


I heard the same thing after Ovi had a no shot game this week

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Not sure how we are going to end up, but getting in the playoffs will be a huge thing for this team.


Before making a run getting 5-6 games of playoff experience would go a long way for the rookies..No one including me thinks we can have a long playoff run, but that one playoff round for this team would be immense..

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Got trolled by MLSE today:


Email #1:


You have won access for you and a guest to the Meet and Greet at The Toronto Maple Leafs Store powered by Real Sports Apparel. YES, I AM ATTENDING NO, I WILL NOT ATTEND


Date: Friday, February 24th, 2017

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: Real Sports Apparel

(Gate 1, Air Canada Centre, 50 Bay Street, Toronto, ON)


*Access for you plus a guest Please RSVP by this Thursday at NOON (February 23rd) to confirm your attendance and for more detail

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Email #2:

We're reaching out to let you know that there was an error on our part for the email you received this afternoon regarding a meet and greet with Curtis McElhinney.


This email was sent by mistake, and is a part of a contest we are running. If you would like to enter this contest for an opportunity to meet Curtis McElhinney, please enter by clicking the button below.

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