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***official $4.40 Challenge Thread***

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The first ever FCP $4.40 Challenge begins in less than 12 hours now. The games begin at midnight.This was a $50 buyinHere is a list of the standing so far.....as of 9/30/07 at 5:40pm EST1st; KevinJA8FCP; 261 points(16 matches played)2nd; danny2271; 238 points(20 matches played)3rd; MEX123; 221 points(20 matches played)4th; jcashx36x; 202 points(20 matches played)-ELIMINATED5th; bobbywithani; 194 points(20 matches played)-ELIMINATED6th; Mr. Sparco; 171 points(20 matches played)-ELIMINATED7th; simo_8ball; 153 points(20 matches played)-ELIMINATED8th; DinkDonk; 125 points(20 matches played)-ELIMINATED 9th; doinsublime; 100 points(18 matches played)10th; Kuge; 94 points(20 matches played) -ELIMINATED11th; Naps555; 93 points(15 matches played)12th; source99; 84 points(19 matches played)-ELIMINATED13th; Emelioooo; 83 points(13 matches played) Official Payouts-----------------Prizepool: $6501st: $4252nd: $1503rd: $75Each player will play 20 $4.40 180 man SnGs between midnight tonight and 11:59pm on Sept 30thThe higher the player finishes the more points he gets, here is the point scale1st; 100 points 2nd; 68 points 3rd; 54 points 4th; 45 points 5th; 40 points 6th; 36 points 7th; 32 points 8th; 30 points 9th; 27 points 10th; 26 points 11th; 24 points 12th; 23 points 13th; 21 points 14th; 20 points 15th; 19 points 17th-16th; 18 points 18th; 17 points 20th-19th; 16 points 21st; 15 points 24th-22nd; 14 points 26th-25th; 13 points 29th-27th; 12 points 32nd-30th; 11 points 35th-33rd; 10 points 40th-36th; 9 points 45th-41st; 8 points 51st-46th; 7 points 59th-52nd; 6 points 68th-60th; 5 points 69th-80th; 4 points 81st-95th; 3 points 96th-115th; 2 points 116th-142nd; 1 points 143rd-180th; 0 pointsThis is how it works to all participants.You must post the tourney ID# of the $4.40 you are in BEFORE IT STARTS, someone will then qutoe the post to confirm. Once you're eliminated you must again post in the thread, and again someone needs to quote it to confirm.The quoting helps eliminate the possibility of cheating. Because if someone is eliminated quickly, they could try and edit their post to say the are in a different $4.40 that hasn't started yet.So even if you are not in this please help us by confirming things for us. When someone says the are in tourney #XXXXXXXX please check that tourney # and confirm the player is in. Once the player busts, again ANYONE can search the tourney # and confirm the player busted in the place they say. All you have to do is QUOTE the post that way, if they change their post, the quoted portion of the confirm post wont change.

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Official pay structure?
Will be released once the list of entrants is final, people can still join by posting the Stars SN in this threadhttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=107376along with shipping $50 to KevinJA8FCP on starsIf you want in do not post in this thread, say so in the thread linked above, plzthxI will get home around 11:45pm EST tonight, If your $50 is not in my account by then, your not in. I am setting a limit of 20 players, which means there are 7 sports left so there are still openings
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Edit: I suck at posting. This was what was originally in the post above.We're missing one very important detail that needs to be settled now.So 12 people officially?1st: $4002nd: $1253rd: $75Is this our structure?Why bother with $75 for 3rd? Just give $200 for 2nd and $400 for 1st.Or we could do:1st: $3502nd: $1603rd: $90

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