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i have the cure

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Guest Anonymous

Greetings All:Are online poker rooms rigged? Yes. Do they have HIGH TECH non random dealing software? Yes. Is the room set up to enhance play, create wild community boards and outlandish river catches, hence increasing your amusement and their rake? You bet!I found the cure for all of the above. You want it? I will not post the remedy to all your frustration here in a public forum room. Because then it will no longer be exclusive info, resulting in counter measures being initiated by the poker software industry.Wouldn't you just love to go in a room and receive a fair shake? No badbeats (other than natural ones) and just let your skill do the winning, not some crazy unbalanced community board? If you knew of an online poker room that was straight up, no enhanced software, you would flock to the tables, right? I am not going to give you another poker room to go to. You can remain in the poker room of your choice! E-mail me at, TexasHoldEm@adelphia.net to get the cure for your pain and frustrations! I lost huge dollars online, but when I played brick and mortar (live) I won consistently.This happened all the time to me. Well, I have some real close, very smart, computer nerd type of friends. It is a simple cure. Hope to hear from you!

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