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19 Tabeling? Is This Really Possible?

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QuasiFiction (Pokerstars)Winnings: $70,184.98 Biggest Cash: $6,200.46 Est. Buyins: $66,669.61 Average Cash: $261.88 Rake: $5,117.90 Biggest Buyin: $500.00 Est. Profit: ($1,602.53) Average Buyin: $39.10 Wins: 33 1.94% Seconds: 23 1.35% Thirds: 24 1.41% Top Three Rate: 4.69% Final Tables: 182 10.67% Cashes: 268 15.72% Total Played: 1705 Return on Investment: -2.23% Average Finish: 40/100 Average Expectation: $-0.94 Average Field Size: 406 Average Buyins Won: 1.143

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Hey Everybody...1st post here, I have been a lurker for awhile but just found something I would like to share.The other day I was playing a $12 45-player SNG on Stars and was checking stats on some of the players at my table when I noticed something strange. A certain player was playing upwards of 150 45-player SNG's each day for the last month or so (totaling 4506 games in less then 30 days). Since then I have searched his name a few times on Stars and found him playing anywhere from 15 to 19 tables at a time. I have heard of guys playing 10 - 12 tables at a time but 19 seems ridiculous...not only that, but I have played at his table 3 or 4 times over the last week and he never misses a beat, his actions are always completed in 3 seconds or less. Finally, not only is this player 19 tableing for countless hours everyday but he is very much a winning player, accumulating over 17k in profit playing nothing but 45-player SNG's ranging from $12 - $60 buy-ins. Is it possible that this is a bot?
I've seen people do it before. Chances are he is a "professional" player and has a kick ass monitor. I'm sure he plays tight as hell, because you don't really have time to play crap cards or bluff when you are on that many tables. I can easily manage 12 tables on my small monitor when they are resizeable, but with a bigger monitor or two I could do 19.
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