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I still say I would love to have sex with Lisa Leslie just once.
Does not compute.So, I think the thing to do is project a roster for 2012.Without any reserch or thought:Chris PaulDeron WilliamsDerrick RoseDwayne WadeLebron James O.J. MayoMike BeasleyCarmello AnthonyLaMarcus AldridgeDwight HowardChris BoshGreg OdenStarters:PaulWadeLebronMeloOdenReserves:WilliamsMayoBoshHowardBeasleyAldridgeRoseObviously if Kobe wants to play again, he is there as a leader. I dont know if Coach K will come back, but he would be fine. Gregg Popovich would be a good choice. Bill Self anyone?Edit: I just realized I left Kevin Durant off there. Ummm, probably Aldridge goes.
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What do you think Pau is thinking here?
Im not sure, but it cant be good.
No Andrew Bynum? He should be beastly in 4 years, you know if he ever plays again.
So many choices. I hope he gets to that level.
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I think it's ridiculously tough to pick a roster yet. But from the roster up there, it looks like too many big men. We have the best guards in the world and I would assume we'd go guard heavy again. People like Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin come to mind off the top of my head.Edit: Amare? Sure would be nice to have him if he's still healthy and jumping well. He has a great shot for a big man.

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That pic is pretty hilarious. I'd assume it was just a lucky snapshot that looks like he's pissed. He's an awkward looking dude, probably just glanced over there and the photographer caught it gloriously. Or Pau's gonna murder someone.

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