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100k Stakeaments Draftee Signup August 12

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i had fun with this last time, i'll get throw my name in for drafting again.name on stars : rightbrigade (oceanside)hopefully i am not the 3rd to last pick again because no one recognized my stars name.

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The list so far, someone keep this updated for tb.

  1. juggalo41729 (combs)
  2. dna4ever (old hickory)
  3. Jargonator (Baile Atha Cliath)
  4. scenester09 (Coral Springs)
  5. gfdsa146 (Forest Hills)
  6. Z_urinator (pratt)
  7. Bigstack1980 (houston)
  8. Orion071 (Raleigh) NO STAKE
  9. DoinSublime (Cape Elizabeth)
  10. drj26 (FCP)
  11. BrandonPL (Phoenix)
  12. beaverstyle (allendale(FCP))
  13. Ecclesbury (Otley)
  14. Stupidkid888 (fcp)
  15. Orcasgt22(Edmonton)
  16. RT4012 (Lufkin)
  17. Catharge (Gainesville)
  18. YoungStunna7 (Hoffman Estates)
  19. Acid_Knight (Las Vegas) NO STAKE
  20. allen1948 (Grand Rapids)
  21. DonkMeister (Nashville)
  22. kcee1090 (Irvington)
  23. SBriand (Royal Oak)
  24. Mister Sloan (Liberty)
  25. Kuge (Holland)
  26. jethrodull (Mt Pleasant)
  27. anakedcowboy (dallas)
  28. SilentPhenom (Johnston) NO STAKE
  29. wsox08 (Arlington Heights) NO STAKE
  30. GoCryWolfe (Indianapolis)
  31. rightbrigade (oceanside)
  32. The AllSt@r (Green Bay)
  33. WhatArunAA(Shorewood)
  34. Jadaki (WDM)
  35. Acesfull987 (Chicago)
  36. gibler321 (56ACE) NO STAKE
  37. moneyinbag (Palm Beach Gardens) NO STAKE
  38. BigDMcGee (Lincoln)
  39. Waffles2003 (Farmington)
  40. AKProdigy (Mississauga)
  41. tealsea76 (FCP Regina)
  42. bdcfcp (dutton fcp)
  43. tgifitz (st john's)
  44. qyayqi (regina fcp) NO STAKE

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