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Celtics + Garnett Zomg!

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Posey's in!great additionJames Posey brings a lot to the table, including one of the biggest championship rings you'll ever see. He's hoping to find room for another one on his hand this year.Sporting his gaudy 2006 NBA Championship hardware, Posey met the press in Waltham on Monday just minutes after officially signing with the Celtics. And while Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge said that there's more to Posey than just his ring that made him an attractive free agent, it certainly doesn't hurt his resume either."He plays hard, he has that experience and he knows what it takes. He's played with good players and he knows how to find his spots," Ainge said of Posey. "He knows how to create, he's good at slashing off the ball, and he's had to work for shots when you play with great players like Shaq and Dwyane Wade in Miami."

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They looked like they've been doing this for years. Garnett was so fun to watch. You forgot how great he was. I tried to ignore all the hype because its sportswriters' jobs to talk in hyperbole but they really did look impressive together. The fact they're paper thin also was very evident. Neither team played defense and it still ended in the 80's which is pretty weird.

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