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hands from my home game

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We started out just effing around and we wanted to play omaha, stud, and NL so we each put in 10 with a pool of $80. It developed into just NL and here's a few interesting hands.Sapphire: $16Asian Fetish: $3Nazi: $25Ryan Seacrest: $8The Man: $8Chief Check-Raise: $20Ryan Seacrest SBNazi BBAsian Fetish foldsSapphire [Ac, 8c] raises to .50Chief Check-Raise foldsThe Man foldsRyan Seacrest callsNazi CallsPot: $1.50Flop: 9h 8h 5cRyan Seacrest ChecksNazi ChecksSapphire Bets Checks <---Probably should have bet...Pot: $1.50Turn: 5dNazi ChecksSapphire bets $1.50Ryan Seacreast FoldsNazi CallsPot: $4.50River 7hNazi takes a really long time and then bets $3.00...what do you do?My read on the guy goes like this: he's an okay player and is a tricky calling station.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's a hand where i played it HORRIBLY.Sapphire: $16Asian Fetish: $3Nazi: $20Ryan Seacrest: $5The Man: $10Chief Check-Raise: $26Nazi SBAsian Fetish BBSapphire holds [As, Ah] and raises to .50Chief Check Raise quickly calls and I said "wow that was a quick call" and he said "I have AK"The Man FoldsRyan Seacrest FoldsNazi Raises to $1.50Sapphire Tiger Calls<-----what a bad play, i actually forgot chief check-raise was in the hand.Cheif Check Raise CallsPot: $4.60Flop: Kc Tc 9hNazi ChecksSapphire Bets $4.00Chief Check Raise Goes All in...so he puts me all in for $10.50I said "Wow...you hit a set...this is so stupid."Anyway I called knowing it was the wrong move but i'm stubborn and I really need to work on getting away from Aces and other big hands.Chief Check Raise has Kh 9hNazi has Jd Jhand i lose of course!what a stupid move on my part. why didn't i reraise preflop? because i'm greedy.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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