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stakes tomorrow guys I gotta find someone to trade me for stars now. staking on ap is just a hassle... hint hint trade so i can give stakes

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Stage #835253224 Tourney ID 1816867 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit $24000 - 2007-07-27 01:56:55 (ET)Table: 282 (Real Money) Seat #7 is the dealerSeat 1 - 1G0TASSRAKED ($507261.89 in chips)Seat 4 - LSUTIGER27 ($116932.08 in chips)Seat 5 - 777BAMA ($306735.43 in chips)Seat 6 - NON_ENTITY ($643241.60 in chips)Seat 7 - ACEZSSL ($287331.68 in chips)1G0TASSRAKED - Ante $1000LSUTIGER27 - Ante $1000777BAMA - Ante $1000NON_ENTITY - Ante $1000ACEZSSL - Ante $10001G0TASSRAKED - Posts small blind $12000LSUTIGER27 - Posts big blind $24000*** POCKET CARDS ***Dealt to 1G0TASSRAKED [Ad As] 777BAMA - FoldsNON_ENTITY - Raises $72000 to $72000ACEZSSL - Folds1G0TASSRAKED - Raises $180000 to $192000LSUTIGER27 - FoldsNON_ENTITY - Calls $120000*** FLOP *** [5d 3d 5c]1G0TASSRAKED - ChecksNON_ENTITY - Checks*** TURN *** [5d 3d 5c] [9s]1G0TASSRAKED - All-In $314261.89NON_ENTITY - Folds1G0TASSRAKED - returned ($314261.89) : not called*** SHOW DOWN ***1G0TASSRAKED - Does not show1G0TASSRAKED Collects $413000 from main pot*** SUMMARY ***Total Pot($413000)Board [5d 3d 5c 9s]Seat 1: 1G0TASSRAKED (small blind) collected Total ($413000) All-In HI:($413000) [Does not show] Seat 4: LSUTIGER27 (big blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDSSeat 5: 777BAMA Folded on the POCKET CARDSSeat 6: NON_ENTITY Folded on the TURNSeat 7: ACEZSSL (dealer) Folded on the POCKET CARDSanyone like my line, check flop, push turn? creates max confusion, yes?
Flop check a little risky on a semi-coordinated board with 2 of a suit...If you get c/r'd on the turn if another diamond comes, what you gonna do?Nice job,though. Solid cashola!
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