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Where To Find Information On Odds Calculating?

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I am looking for information on how to learn statistics and math based on poker odds. For example, the odds of flopping a flush: (11/50) * (10/49) * (9/48) = .8%. I would like to know how to come up with any situation in my head and be able to find the odds of that happening using a very similar formula to the one above. The only reason I know that formula is because it's listed in King Yao's book. I would like to be able to come up with my own calculations and thus I need to learn the underlying math behind them. I have done some searches but I can't really find anything that will specifically teach me how to create my own mathematic formulas based on a deck of cards. I would even like to dig deeper than hold em and know the odds for omaha, stud, razz, etc. Does anybody know a book, website, dvd, etc that I can use to teach myself this?

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Probability and Statistics text book?Mathematics of Poker? (by Bill Chen)How about this site? http://wizardofodds.com/holdem
I have no idea who that other person was that responded to your original post lol. I do appreciate your input though. I have thumbed through that Bill Chen book and it's not quite what I was looking for but thanks for the suggestion.
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