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I Got A Royal Flush And Didn't Win.....

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If one of those nut hands was dealt in a casino and I was playing against some impatient bas tard, I would just sit there mumbling to myself, "I'm not sure what to do? You may have a pocket pair or even A-K and then I'm screwed." Hopefully, he wouldn't call a clock on me and instead try to talk me into folding.I'd then ask him if a full house beats a flush and just keep slapping my face while looking down at the table. Hopefully, he'd drop the F-bomb or take a swing at me and they'd throw the guy out and I'd get the whole thing. Of course, I assume he'd be waiting outside for me all night, so I guess it wouldn't be worth it.

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Some guy at a table told me that one time there was a royal flush on the board and five people were in the pot. He pushed all-in and two people folded. True story (supposedly).
yeah that was a cradplayer articile. the dealer was telling the story. he had to tell someone not to speak about the roayal on the board b/c some people will not know, and two people folded. when asked why, they replied by saying "i thought he could have had the 9"
"I call; I play the board."
you call it gonna be all over baby
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