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new depths of futility....

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Negreanu Open this evening...Only 11 players, I figure I'm a lock for the final table, Ha! (Note with only 11 players, we're playing 5 on this table). I call a big raise with KQs, flop comes K99 checked to me, I bet, I get raised, Figure he had AK, fold. (third of my stack pissed away in one hand).JJ on the button, raise 5x the blind, blinds are 10/20 (how ridiculous is this...)Flop is 5-2-3 uncoordinated. SB bets 20 into 240 pot, I raise to 200, he pushes I call (bad move). He turns over 55 for what becomes a full boat. Down to 230 chips...A couple of hands later, I've got KQo, raise into me, I go all in. Another player calls. Flop is QJx turn and river are two T's. Last caller has AT. End of tournament. Before the end of the first level. I'm this close to giving up on poker. I just suck so bad at it.This coming on the heels of a terrible live game last week where a guy that was so sh¬°tfaced, he didn't know what he had beat me out of $100 in two pots our .5/1 NL game. The second one was my aces cracked by 9T that got runner runner straight.Farewell cruel world, I should not be anywhere near a poker table.Good luck you gurus on the site, no need to spend your wisdom on this retard anymore.

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