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  1. Floating all over 2+2, I guess she called in on Neverwinpoker's radio show and said she slept with Carlos, Gus and DN. Interesting to find out if this was before/after marriage,yikes.
  2. wow he did just win, amazing! good job IVEY!!!!!!!
  3. There are 30 minutes left in Level 29, with blinds at 80,000-160,000, with a 20,000 ante. Phil Ivey starts with the button, and in heads-up play, the button has the small blind and acts first before the flop.Shuffle up and deal!A Bit of TriviaOne more look at the official chip counts:Quinn Do - 2.48 millionPhil Ivey - 10.82 millionIvey has a 4.36-to-1 chip lead, but Quinn Do still has room to maneuver. And here's some interesting trivia: In Phil Ivey's previous seven WPT final tables, he has never eliminated a single player.He has just eliminated his first two players, and now he's heads up wi
  4. coming from someone that probably jerks off to cartoons you should stop breathing
  5. ______________ = your comment goes here
  6. real weak, no point in talking to someone so immature. Grow up first. go outside and play in traffic. I have said enough to someone that thinks he knows everything in life, no point talking to you. You're one of those donks that thinks you're right no matter what.GL in the tournament
  7. Wrong one, and yet another unlucky beat no matter what anyone says. Post the one where I had xx46 with the nut straight on the turn in a capped 3 way pot and some luck bucket is raising his flush draw.
  8. You're such an *******, if posting hand histories makes your dick bigger go for it. I have one bad game and you want to bash me. Lame immature thing to do. Keep posting every single one, the last hand makes you look stupid I have 24 for low, did I raise and think I had the nut low? No, I called, only 2 hands beat me A2/A4. Retard. It's only 40 to call - like I'm really going to muck. You are just a straight hater I bet you were shoved into lockers in high school pussy.
  9. <---gambino23 i was at your table....anachronism is catching cards, take his chips, I ran QQ into him when of course what does he have? Aces. GLthx for the stake it was fun
  10. Real mature. Make sure to post the one where I turned the nut straight in a 3 way capped pot and tell me if I am a donkey or unlucky. After that pot I went on tilt, had a bad tournament and you want to pour salt in my wound. I never claimed to be the best OPL/Limit player so why are you being such an ******* about someone going on tilt
  11. Keep playing 3 aces like a retard like that, you will only hit that hand once out of a thousand. You are so wack, you got lucky end of story.
  12. so because I have an unlucky tournament you want to expose my hands and talk shit about me? Real mature thing big boy. www.GFY.com
  13. Yeah you were the donkey that probably caught the flush on the river, caps the flop caps the turn and catches backdoor flush, im sitting on a mediocre low with the complete nuts on the turn and you catch your luck bucket backdoor flush. After that I went on life tilt, if you want to talk shit like that, lets play heads up and I will play you for any amount big boy.
  14. i will be up for itft name = gambino23i play omaha pl hu a lot but today my restrictions hit so no playing for me
  15. Nobody had that worst than me. I went out 1st in 35 minutes. Unluckiest tournament I have ever played in a long time. Jesus I could not get a hand to hold, turned the nuts twice and got ****ed on the river, I turn a straight guy makes 2 flush draws and in a 3 way pot we capped it preflop flop and turn, had the absolute nuts on the turn, donkey catches flush, after that I went on life tilt I was just completely pissed and did not win 1 pot.
  16. FTOPS event 3 Horse event just started $311k prize poolgot in through a 100 chip super satellite woohoo
  17. ya hit me on AIM ibuddy23 i got my away message on but will respond, just say your from FCP
  18. When playing Razz the objective is to get the lowest cards correct? A2345 is the nuts.Why would my opponent call me with A37J showing to him, and he is shown 6669...im potting it every card and he keeps calling and miraculously wins the pot. I'm stunned and I decide I do not know Razz as much as I thought I guess.I got the horse ftops event 3 starting in 10 minutes so if you can give me some pointers in Razz please let me know.Usually my strategy is, if the opponent shows JQK on the first card, and im shown A-7 to automatically raise. when they show a pair it makes sense to raise that to unl
  19. wow they made it sound like it was a lot more than thatgood2cu kept saying he had a lot of money on the line, 40k to him wtf is that him and his buddies gave 40k out to strippers at the rhino one nightwhat tournament did that guy hit to have so much money?
  20. I would but it says the forum is down for maintenance
  21. LOL thats ****ing hilariousWell see thats the thing, the guy who I made the bet with, his son is basically my best friend, so if it were just some random acquaintance or friend I see once in a while I wouldn't really give a shit but this is my best friend we talking about. So it makes it really awkward now. And I was going to have people over my house cuz I got a nice 65" hdtv but my buddy already told his dad he would be over there. So than it got stupid because I told my friend straight up that his dad is poor sport loser and acting like a child and he told me just to keep him out of it cu
  22. ya sounds about right....the part that he put "lost a 500 bet to some donkey kid" kinda pissed me off. Im 26 sure I can see older people thinking im a kid to them, but im not no where near a kid. And than he puts 500, he only lost 200. Kinda rude for him not even call me by my first name too. I just cant believe someone that is 60 years old would react like that. I could see one of my friends getting butt hurt about something like that but they wouldnt hold it against me especially not for 2 weeks!
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