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  1. Maybe people forget that Kaplan is really a great player. He played a WSOP champion, Hal something, heads-up for 100k in the early 80's and reached the WSOP final table with the chiplead.He actually knows what is going on and was a poker player before a commentator, like Mike Sexton.
  2. Yau-man has a really distinct advantage in the fact that he is helpful to keep around and isn;t a threat in challenges, so if he can get down to 8 he has a chance...I think. He's also is breaking the stereotype of portraying a smart asian on televison, which most people haven't seen before since it's so rare Sylvia will be gone quickly, thats how it always is. Alex, the Harvard lawyer, has the advantage that he's smarter than everyone else and mabye use his people skills to get around. Rocky is the new Shane, you know the guy who talked to the rock and needed a smoke. He'll be powerful and ge
  3. Don't let all that money go up your nose now
  4. If that works then...wow...I already know I'm going to try it
  6. I wear sunglasses to the table, but when I enter a pot I usually take them off and stare at the board or away from the table, depending on my cards. Nothing is more intimidating than a guy who wears sunglasses inside for no apparent reason
  7. Showstopper is going to jizz himself when he watches this, hey I almost did too http://youtube.com/watch?v=nThAhgwVcUk&amp...ted&search=
  8. The seasons of about 5-10 of the Simpsons were better than anything ever on television, but with the new type of humor in 2007, Family Guy is much better than Simpsons.The Simpsons are my wife, but Family Guy is my mistress
  9. The same kitten in your avatar I'll assume
  10. Looshle had an over 200k+ score, that takes the live cake I think
  11. After looking at the chip stack it makes more sense. They don't want to go out third, but the guy with AA probably could've busted the other guy with TP, especially in a $6 s-n-g.That sucks
  12. You know how Cory Lidle could have been saved?If A-Rod was flying the plane, cause it wouldn't have hit anything
  13. Live tournies are always a lot of fun, especially if you have enough chips
  14. I'm sure we can find some type of fetish siteMaybe I'll try a $50 playing crazy, just to try and see what Below is seeing
  15. If anyone wants to hack my PS account, feel free too, only if you turn off the "Doom Switch" first
  16. I've got more than double your GPA, but less than 1/20th tournment earningsI'll make a trade
  17. You honestly have nothing better to do that laugh at someone making fun of someone questioning someone about someone's thread
  18. Yeah if the Walid storyline goes nowhere, I'm going to be pissed cause that was a waste of our time.Who do you guys think is the character mostly likely to die next?
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