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  1. Haha, I would love to hear the stories behind how most of those got started
  2. Poker is fun for everyone...except...
  3. Dude if you're going to FAU then just go to the Hard Rock or any other casino around there. Maybe check Facebook and search for poker groups.I myself am a member of the UF Poker Association, even though I don't go there yet, its good to be prepared
  4. The best part is that he is an actualy human being that is living somewhere in the world as we speak
  5. Looks like Matt Damlon and Edward Norton should be getting their asses kicked by off duty cops somewhere in there
  6. Kinda weird that he hasnt been heard from, He seemed so involved in the prank and then doesn't soke up the glory?
  7. His +EV was at 18.75% after running through a 10,000 size sample through PokerOddsTrack and it increases his bluffing variance and unpredicibilty reliablity to that will produce an overall return on investment on track with a positive ROI
  8. I loved this episode, my friends and I freaked out after and were giddy. Best episode in a while.More actual analysis later, but it was badass
  9. Forgot to ask this question to JC...How is it to run GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for a change?
  10. All right this is what where going to do1. Scout the country for the best sandwich maker, hopefully finding one in 6-12 months2. Pay him $100 and give him a free trip to Vegas3. Round up 25k among FCP, maybe selling 100 shares at $250 each4. Knock on Daniel's door with tape of him saying it in hand5. Beat him6. Get paid 25k and send sandwich guy back7. Coke and whores...let's begin
  11. There are over a billion Asians, how do we know this is the one?
  12. QFT, those who say Myspace is better haven't used Facebook much, and its cool to see if you're doing better than your friends, thats my motivation
  13. Depends on what your choices areOh and no having sex with 15 year olds while her bestfriend, and your ex, makes out with both of you at the same time in a room without a lock at a party
  14. Geez this may be only a half-hour episode.JC has the most experiance closing out a tournment, how many sit-n-go's and tournies has he taken down in the past year to prepare him for this moment
  15. JIt'll be hard to find his update and summary when every post looks the same with his avatar, imagine the response
  16. I LOL'DProbably even harder if I knew whether this is serious or not
  17. Nice pick, donk. He's never been on tv so how can he be good???!!??
  18. Does that make him...wait nevermindAnyone have a middle name?
  19. That's my plan for this summerOne school laptop and one poker laptopAlso this will keep the other one from interferring
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