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  1. what is everyones favorite music to listen to while playing poker??mine is the pussycat dolls or listening to my girlfriends giving me head while i am playing. so please respond to this post telling me yours
  2. i was just wondering how many people use online stats to cheat while playing poker?
  3. i apologize for asking a valid question on a site that is devoted to avid Daniel fans that for some odd reason know his entire life story. When ever you are doing research it is best to get your information form the most reliable sources. Hence asking on his website. A simple yes or no would have been enough to answer with.
  4. openly talking about a subject never makes it taboo. Hiding from it is what makes it taboo. nooblet
  5. did anyone see real world today man that girl got her ass handed to her
  6. does anyone else here like to pass time while playing partypoker by taking care of certain needs at the same time or is it just me?
  7. i dont see the problem with asking a question. homosexuality isnt something that should be taboo to talk about. I did not use any foul language while asking the question. i think i have been very polite. anyway i think it goes without saying that anyone who has seen daniel in action can see that he has very feminine qualities about him and i was just inquiring about them in a very civil manner
  8. sorry but you have to admit that he does give off the gay vibe. i mean my gaydar was scoring off the charts....anyway thanks for answering the question with such nice language. oh yeah i also got in an argument with my buddy if dan or money maker would win in a heads up match. leave some replies please
  9. i was just watching the world series of poker and me and my buddy made a bet to see if daniel was gay or not. I looked around the site and i found nothing confirming he taste in sexual partners. so if someone can fill me in i would like to hear from you
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