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    Dirty Jobs

    Sweet ! I love Mike Rowe. I wish he would come to Dallas.
  2. you were being a condescending dick and now you are retracting statements and playing dumb.
  3. way to be a gigantic faggot.
  4. Looking forward to it. We're flying into New Orleans and driving from there. Will probably get into Biloxi around 10 or 11 the night of the 26th.
  5. pls dont. I swear I know the middle girl in the middle pic.
  6. nah it was just for people who recognize the names. 3 of us from pokerhaus at the same table when I posted it.Edit: I'm DallasRounder
  7. Full Tilt Poker Game #7581837318: FTOPS Event #7 (54557790), Table 48 - 1000/2000 Ante 250 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:48:16 ET - 2008/08/09Seat 1: mordan (95,200)Seat 2: MoneymakerFAN (124,261)Seat 3: bosoxx34 (49,654)Seat 4: GimmeDa1time (34,395)Seat 5: larry2225 (37,600)Seat 6: govshark2 (98,702)Seat 7: Falcon_Agent (22,350)Seat 8: DallasRounder (59,888)Seat 9: zadonkadonk (61,641)
  8. I'll be there all day every day from Aug 26 - Sept 5/6 depending on if I win the main event or not.
  9. You are blowing my mind. How can you not want more fish filling the tournaments? If tourney entries are low everyone screams "the sky is falling", now they are breaking the guarantees so they get raised, and you are just shaking in anger. Would a $215 buyin with a 25k guarantee and a weekly field of 150 satisfy you? I just don't see your POV, ya dig?
  10. You can read the name on the certificate in this pic.
  11. Any experiences with Vizio? I have a couple friends that have had them for over a year and love them.
  12. While getting scammed is preventable your post is ignorant and uncalled for. Do you want to do business with a site that could give a shit if you get scammed?
  14. The value is not in overlays, but most people don't see it this way. It's a terrific promotion imo.
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