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  1. Not to be anal, but cold decked is being screwed by the deck. Say, you get K-K and you're up against A-A. Or you flop a set with 10-10 on a board of 10-J-Q and your opponent has A-K . The term is basically used to mean your good hands are being slapped in the face by the deck
  2. Biologist 1: "Daniel's game ?"Bilogist 2: "Still nothing sir, it's gone"J/K Danny....
  3. I'll give 2-1 DN walks away atleast 100k winner from his next big session. Anybody ?
  4. Oooooh.....I see.... The GPPAA ( Gay Poker Players of America Assosication )? Specializing in "Backdoor" "Straights" ?
  5. I've been hot on Danny boy's trail and have finally deciphered the code.....Daniel is qutting poker and becoming Phil Hellmuth's PA and umbrella holder.....
  6. No sir, Daniel is in a bit of a slump, but is still playing in games and limits he can afford. We're not talking 30k/60k here. I would figure to guess his bankroll is around 4 mil plus any kind of backing and sponsor deals. He'll be fine........ ...... won't he ? :?
  7. That makes me sick. That IS a slump...it sound like that's about 1million in the last few months. I don't think I can handle this blog anymore. ewwww.....sorry Daniel
  8. Easy there tiger.....You have no idea what his motives were...I'm not him, but I'm pretty sure he didn't call that gutshot praying just for the 5...y'know....it IS possible he was setting up a semi with that raggedy board
  9. Daniel, Just wanted to say good job sir. Well played, bad result....valiant effort
  10. World Class does not = X-Ray vision nor does it mean psychic, he played well
  11. Daniel made a mistake going all in. He didn't need to bet 30k or all of his stack without having the nuts. Having the 2nd nuts just isn't a good enough excuse as well and I don't want to hear from you kiss asses here that his hand warranted an all in, even if he was trying to protect himself from the flush draw out there. A nice bet of perhaps 15k would be good, then if the other guy comes over the top, Daniel would have an out and be able to muck. Daniel blew up in this tournament just as Mike the Mouth has done so may times in the past. Now the roles are reversed and Mike the Mouth is 2nd in
  12. He's been eliminated ? Like....gone ?Wow.....thanks for the update
  13. We have dealers here that go over to Biloxi and Tunica for big events. She told me that Farha grabbed a pregnant waitress and told her "My food better hit the table before my a$$ hits the chair." the waitress only had one leg and was pushing another baby in a stroller and she had cancer too, right? sam farha, that censored! Actually she had no arms and Farha pushed the stroller down a flight of stairs. This is just what I've heard but Sammy put out his cigarette on the baby's arm before he pushed him down the stairs
  14. Tex Barch, finished 3rd in the WSOP this year....he's doing well in most tourneys lately
  15. this sitethis forumthis thread :roll:Daniel is texting his important hands to his personal assitant, who is posting the information here, on this site, in this forum, in this thread. It's original content...remember original content?I already knew that....just seeing if you guys were on your toes..... .... . .. :shock:
  16. Ok...I'll rephrase ......what part of this site , or what part of the forum is the info coming from.
  17. What site is this info coming from ?
  18. Where is he ? The only thing I heard was that he showed up late and was seated....I haven't seen him in a chip count yet. He get busted early ?
  19. I'll be the first to say I think DN will make it to day three above average. I say about hmm.....125k starting day 3. Come on boy, don't make an ass of me !I already said Daniel was gonna win it, so you're late.Then we can count that as my end of day 2/ start of day 3 prediction
  20. I'll be the first to say I think DN will make it to day three above average. I say about hmm.....125k starting day 3. Come on boy, don't make an ass of me !
  21. Tumba, this isn't a personal slam....just too hard too resist. BWAHAHAAAAAHAHAHA
  22. I love that kind of poker player. "Hmm...I have 2 outs..it's only $80 to win a $200 pot....I call...WHAT ? There's still a chance !!"
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