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  1. And it's because of ummm... jerks like you that I tend to hate this game. Not all of us are experts at this game, remember.
  2. Well I do, but certain people don't get it. Wow, I don't remember when I joined here. Methinks that's when Daniel had the poker stuff happening. In any case, I'll never play against people in real life. Hell with that, I'd rather stay broke actually.
  3. That worries me. BTW: Nice animated graphic! So why is it that Hellmuth always gets the better cards on Poker After Dark?!?
  4. Honestly I wanted to find out. But there has to be a difference between the 2, right?
  5. That semi-naked guy image scares me! :)What does work, going AllIn on every hand. Still, I have many hours to play thru, and Phil Gordon in Little Green Book did mention it takes thousands of hours to get into a Zone. I know, what's even scarier, real games are way different then computer play.
  6. When I'm playing in the freeroll tournaments, I usually get nothing but bad cards (and cause I have a head injury I lose it), what I'm curious about is what the differences between the freerolls and the cash games, do people have the same amount of bad luck?!?
  7. Nice to see I've pissed you off... moron.
  8. Could be my head injury... Not will power, I just like to have no trace of me being here, besides, why hasn't it been deleted?!? People should do their ****in' jobs for a change.
  9. Please, complain and have my account nuked, I sent them mail asking to have my account deleted, and I'm still here, to annoy you people. *chuckle*Oh and there's a reason why I quit, there's not much point in losing all the time, regardless of whether or not I was using real money or fake money.
  10. You know, I could of called you a piece of crap, cause that's what you are. *chuckle* and I wonder how long I'll have this account for?!?
  11. No, I promised myself if I lost my starting play chips, I won't be refilling the play chips. So I uninstalled the software. And rockytrh, your a pion! Maybe we'll get lucky, and you'll go into debt (this could of happened, and you're life is ruined), I mean it's not like you'll ever do decent at a tournament anyways.
  12. Quit, I mean it's not like you'll even place in the Top 20 anyways.
  13. Then your lucky, I'm not. Really, I don't care, delete my account then, I have better things to do anyways. Am I annoying you guys?!? Good!
  14. Please, lose some more money and go into debt. Just think, it's morons like you that go into debt, so go run up those credit cards *chuckle*
  15. Well Full Contact Poker is an awesome place to play, but well I lost my $1,000 free cash, so I've asked for my account to be deleted. I mean, if I lost $1,000 in free cash, what's the point of losing more money, albeit fake. Hold 'em is based on luck, and THAT'S IT!!! So if your not lucky, you can never do as well as the professionals, and a shame the game is just a fad, somehow I doubt you'll see as many shows as there are currently on TV. So yes, if you're not lucky, you'll lose a lot of money, pathetic, really. I hope Daniel's reading this, cause I just can't be bothered to improve.
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