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  1. I want to know why Howard Lederer isn't an option.......
  2. Good morning everyone, how are we all?
  3. Hehe, can't wait for it to start, i would have bumped Bobby Mason up a bit though....
  4. Phillip_339

    The Hideout

    Well, i just got back today, and you guys have made over 25 more posts for me to read. I think next time, we'll just have to get this thread locked up, and unlocked when i get back....Well, tomorrow i start again. After being off for almost 3months, it's going to be hard starting again....
  5. Phillip_339

    The Hideout

    I'm still here....Lol.
  6. Phillip_339

    The Hideout

    Hehe, just finished reading what i missed last night, looks like this thread is getting a whole lot better...especially with some of them pics...Anyway, whose watching the tennis tonight, its going to be a GREAT match Hingis vs Clijsters.
  7. Sorry for digging this up, but i thought Tritz might have wanted to see this. If this is already known, then i apologize bringing it back up. From ZeeJustins blog:There’s a scammer out there that I want to expose. His name is Steve Da Pimp. He pretends to be poker players like myself and asks to borrow money from people. He has several AIM screen names including Stevedapimp 17, Twin Caracas, RobDaPimp15420, spoony1350, curzdog19, TheRealZeeJustin and JustinBonomo.Was that the person you were talking to?
  8. Phillip_339

    The Hideout

    Well, its almost 11pm here, and i just finished watching episodes 10 & 11 of Lost. All i can say it Wow. I would have to say, these were both great episodes, and i would go as far to say, that number 11 was the best of the season so far. For the rest of the night, i think i might do some posting on various sites, as well as reading all the funny stuff from here: http://www.bash.org/?browseI just can't get enough of that.....
  9. I'll take under, just to be different, and hope one of the mods wake up early...
  10. Phillip_339

    The Hideout

    Since we're talking about tv shows, here are mine...Loved 24, season 1&2, but then, it kinda dropped off in season 3, and i didn't get back into it for the rest of that season. We are yet to get season 4 over here....House: One of my favourite shows. Pupsta is right, it can be quite predicatable, but i don't care, i love it.Lost: This is probably one of the only shows i have watched religiously. I can't miss one episode, and i even went as far as downloading season , before it come out in Australia... I'm ye to watch the two most recent eps, but i'm right there with you guys.Desperate Hous
  11. Good luck teneight, I'm going to come watch, i don't know whose playing for my team though.....
  12. Whats your ub screen name?Cya tomorrow Gkunit.
  13. Wow, i just had to catch up from last night, the funny thing is, nothing was really said worth reading. pay4usc or teneight, what is going on, should i pm one of you?
  14. Haha, that made me laugh for some reason....
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