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  1. Lots of math, did you go to Nazareth Acedemy?Tom.
  2. Was Durrr ever presented with the opportunity to eat his brother?Tom.
  3. 2 Steak grilled stuffed burrittos.Tom.
  4. Gook luck Terry. I expect to hear some good stories when you get back.Tom.
  5. I don't like the new design of Cardplayer either.Tom.
  6. I bought 2 back braces from Nada chair. Sport backer & Back-up, I got both models for $90 from a rep at a tradeshow. I wear them all the time, both sitting and sleeping. I feel great. Haven't been to the chiropractor or needed back meds for months. I'm wearing mine right now. www.nadachair.comTom.
  7. I think we need to get back to the true manner at hand, the title of this post.Tom.
  8. I live in a pretty low key neighborhood (Bayview) in Milwaukee. I'm a few blocks from the lake and the neighborhood is full of mom and pop stores, bars, and restaurants. It's nice to know when i'm spending cash in the area, it's (mostly) staying in the area. It's pretty laid back, alot of people ride bikes or walk around and everyone is very friendly.The down side is that they bus all the kids from the shitty area into my neighborhood, cause the schools are safer. One of the main bus stops is in front of my apt. The kids litter, tag everything, do stupid shit (put their McDonalds trash in my m
  9. 1. Get a job Lebowski.2. Cash paycheck.3. Return to playing poker. Problem solved. Tom.
  10. Shot an AR-15 in Vegas last weekend. Loved how it felt and shot. It was a good trip to the range.Tom.
  11. Lost 2 buy ins in cash games, and just not feeling it today. I fly to Vegas tomorrow so today shall be a day of watching hockey and rest. Good luck all.Tom.
  12. I got a kick out of the visor with the blond hair attached.Tom.
  13. Doesn't bother me. I don't often fly United cause they always seem to be the most expensive flight when I compare all the airlines. I've had good experiences with NWA and Midwest so I just stick to them. I sleep on the flights anyways, so why should I pay more than I have to in order to sleep.Tom.
  14. This Sox fan hates the drive from Milwaukee to Canterbury, so the answer is no.Tom.
  15. "-I still jerk off manually."Tom.
  16. I'd tighten up pre-flop, and make bigger raises when you do want to raise, to get more hands heads up to the flop rather than 4 or 5 ways. But, i'd love to limp-call alot in this game and see alot of flops. So idk, I guess I value post-flop play more here than pre-flop. Tom.
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