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  1. You don't see the cabby that found a paper bag with stacks of hundreds in his back seat give it back too often either.


    I always wondered if this was for publicity for the cab company. Even if, let's say, the rider paid with a CC and knows what company he rode with and what time, what driver, etc...the driver could of always said "I never saw it" or "maybe another fare grabbed it". That's a shit ton of money to find free and clear and suddenly give back without second thought.



  2. Since multiple casino owner Adelson is allegedly so concerned about young people he should also spend money to ban residential swimming pools since so many young people die every year in them.




    He should also support the banning in the home of alcohol (which is addictive), tobacco (which is addictive), pornography (which is said to be addictive), gasoline, matches, guns, and kitchen knives, since so many children and teens can have access to these dangerous and/or addictive items.




    In 2011 195,000 people died from medical malpractice and 12,000 by drunk drivers. I think we should ban doctors and cars too. They are far to accessible.



  3. I think both Joe and Phil bring up some good points. I like to think that everyone can do a little bit for the game, it's not hard. I'm in the midwest, and when i play live at the casino, I tend to do a few things to try to make it more inviting. The tourists and yahoos will always play Friday & Saturday nights, but I feel a few simple steps can improve the game all week.


    I shower before I go and dress normal. I can't tell you how many people have told me playing next to someone who smells like blue cheese and is wearing his pjs and Beats at max volume is a turn off. (And I agree) If I observe a few fresh faces or convention goers, i'll chat them up a bit, maybe have a beer and do a shot with them. I try to make them feel welcome. I know what it's like being at a new card room and sitting down to realize the entire table is regs who are in a silent war against you. I don't talk shop and I don't berate people. If I want to discuss a few hands with someone, i'll make a note of it in my phone and we can talk about it later. It's the little things, but it adds up. Often after an hour or so of light discussion and a few laughs, I begin to notice people asking for a move to the "fun" table. They leave the table of regs who look & smell like the garbage pail kids.


    It's going to take some work to get the public to change their perception of a bunch of 20 something males in sweatpants & sunglasses arguing about EV, but I think it is possible.


    Now if we could just speed up the live games....



  4. Unfortunately its the only place I can go since I work at the Horseshoe. Yeah it's been awesome since Majestic raised the 1/2 to a 1/3 with a $300 max buy in. Same bad players but with more money in front of them. Played last week and ran $200 to $1,000 in 3 hours. My other alternative is to go to Potowatami in Milwaukee. The 3/5nl game there is super soft and I love the 5/10 PLO there.
    I live in Milwaukee and the 3/5 nl has tightened up considerably in the last 6 months. I try to get to Horseshoe whenever I can. Last time I was at the Shoe, I was seated at a table that was just opening (2/5 nl). Everyone but myself bought in for the minimum and for the first 11 hands we had a preflop all in and call every hand. The gentleman next to me told me later how tight the game was that day and how it sucked. I couldn't believe it, the game played like a online freeroll. I def think the Indiana games are jucier right now than the games in Milwaukee.Tom.
  5. Roomie is in day 2 of the first event today. Got a text at 3:45am today that said "in the final 54 with above average, we start again at 4pm".Anyone know the payout structure of event 1? I want to see how much they are playing for. His phone doesn't work for shit inside the casino.Tom.

  6. "Savant syndrome is extremely rare. People with autistic disorder, developmental disability, or mental retardation may be born with it. It can also develop later in childhood or even adulthood after a brain injury or with a certain type of dementia. It occurs more frequently in males than females."Tom.

  7. Best way to beat it online is to sign up for rakeback. You get a percentage back each month when you create a new account at a site. I have the link below in my signature.Tom.

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