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  1. Probably a photshop but funny nonetheless..http://wtfpokerstars.ytmnd.com/
  2. I've already got my 360 and hopefully I have the PS3 and Nintendo by the end of the year.
  3. I think Gigabet is gonna need alot more than a few chips and position on arguably the greatest poker player of all time to get the win.
  4. I got my 10 dollars for free.. but there are only two people playing for real money.. what a joke.. haha
  5. Not too shabby.. donkalicious though.. Can you PM me every time you play drunk.. lol..
  6. So if I refer a bunch of my friends and give them all the bonus code.. they get 10 for free and I get 10 more for every one of them that creates an account?If the referrals are unlimited I'll bank on this thing before long and move it to stars and party
  7. 1st tourney on stars.. 605.00
  8. While your action is fine, you're line of thinking is completely skewed. Maybe you're surprised it works so much because you don't realize that you're actually a bad player representing a good player holding the nuts.For those of you agreeing with OP (that miniraising with the nuts is fishy) , please feel free to elaborate on your positions, as I'm very curious about why you think this is a bad play.Now that I think about it... thats completely right... I still don't like the min raise though for value.. If he's going to call that he'll call a 4x raise in most cases.
  9. Every once in a while I'll min raise on a complete bluff to show the image of a bad player with the nuts.. You'd be surprised how many times it works.
  10. Could you be any bigger of an a$$? I love you losers who think that number of posts somehow makes you a better poster. While it really just says that you have too much friggin time on your hands and post way too many times without any content to add (like you in the above post). Kiss my chocolate starfish, post boy.THANK YOU!.. Exactly how i felt
  11. I like that one at the end actually.. I plan on using it lol.. Dude im not that pissed.. Im really bored and I'll start flamin on anything about now.. eh It was worth the 15 minutes of fun for me.
  12. Wow you've been here a whole 3 months longer than I have.. damn dude.. so far you seem to be one of the classiest guys at this site.. I mean the FYP when someone posts something you disagree with.. wow.. who all picked on you when you were growing up?
  13. Eh.... you didn't have to reply.. and I've seen many of your "quality" posts in other threads.. want a cookie?
  14. Level 5 changes wind directions too much!!
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