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  1. avoid Penn and Teller at all costs. I went with my wife and were completely disappointed, they did about 5 tricks the whole show and the guy just blabbed on between them. Monte Carlo poker room is great, very friendly and low on skill.
  2. In 2000 was working in IT field and spent a few weeks at a time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Believe me, very uncomfortable being followed into the washroom by the dealer to privately ask for more tips.
  3. not sure about that j6 hand, with really only 1 winner better than average chance of getting called
  4. I would start with limit. Play .50/1 or 1/2. Try to work on your card reading skills. Don't try and win it all back in one session. There is nothing you can do to go from a loser to winner quickly. If you find you get bored too quickly then poker might not be your game. That could be hard if you are used to playing higher limits. If you don't worry about results and concentrate on making proper decisions (easier said then done) you skills and reading ability will improve. Talk through each hand and decide why you are making each decision. The less emotion the better.
  5. they are great, I've played them a few times (stuck at sahara myself). Blinds are the best ive seen for the buy-in and field is pretty weak. Evening ones are better as the prize pool gets up there.
  6. i play mtt's, sitngo, and ring, all have been disasters. 4-6 months seems like about the max. I have stepped away for a bit but perhaps a month or two would be more helpful. thanks for the replys
  7. I'm in my fifth year of playing online/bm and in the past 4 years I've tracked my stats and I'm up $9000, $7000, $16,000 and $22,000. I completely understand and expect some variance but I'm down around $1500 for the year. The amount doesn't really bother me but it's the time where I've been ridiculously cold. Has any one gone cold for a full 7-8 months before? I'm just trying to determine how much is my decisions and how much is variance.
  8. hey steve, great review, i had a blast. My brother has a ton of great pics so we'll get em up here soon.jeff
  9. hey Yoda congrats, bucktooth1 just won pool 6 and pretty pumped would be an understatement. Just wondering if any body knows if it's solo or bring a guest?
  10. Without a doubt play in 10+1 sitngo, takes a long time but still get the action. That's enough for me to slow things down, usually make it a oh8 where it takes a while. Still getting the action but can't do damage.
  11. I was witness to cheater caught in Foxwoods. Although it was for a small amount I couldn't believe how they handled it. Foxwoods has a 5/10 with a kill, so if a player wins 2 hands in a row, he has to post $10 live the following hand. This guy is in the one seat and when he sees somebody raises the pot and he thinks nobody is looking, he takes his $10 off the table and slides the kill button into the dealer tray. I bring it to the attention of the dealer who calls the floor over and they determine that he has to put the $10 back and that's it. He decides to take a flop and makes a str
  12. wow, this is really disappointing. I wonder if they can check back over the past few days to see if there was an issue. Bucktooth1 picked Philly over florida on sat. I hope review considering it happened to so many
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