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  1. My personal view on this is that a $5-50 million to Beal is a drop in the bucket from his perspective. In tournaments, everyone knows their downside (buyin). Cash games are very different IMHO. Beal has the edge overall, due to his fearlessness and lack of respect towards his bankroll ( he can just dip in for more). The pros, unless staked, will play more conservatively. Furthermore, the variance and stochastic probabilities are extremely wide, further giving an edge to Beal in regards to bankroll.
  2. You jerk OP. You're giving me $10,000. What about my tax liability you uncaring prick. swFullhouse7
  3. Dannenman and Negreaunu utilze the theory of Mike Caro---ALWAYS get people to like you at a tbl (excluding Steve's TOC outburst). In general, you always take more money that way versus berating the donkey.
  4. Go read "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel, then talk. Furthermore, when Judas hung himself, the eleven apostles had 2 candidates draw lots (sticks) to decide who would be the 12th apostle--hoping for intervention by God for their decision---i.e. akin to gambling.Everyone believes whatever they want--so get off your high horse and use references not your lame thoughts.Fullhouse7
  5. These have been posted b4, but here were my epiphanies:Reading the standard/classic books on poker, reading Cardplayer, and various blogs like DN, zeejustin's, and others in regards to strategy.At a full tbl (SNG,MTT, etc.), playing far fewer hands (over the long run this turns to approx. 15% of hands dealt).Play various forms of poker to keep the learning curve from going flat by only playing 1 type game.Play aggressively shortstacked, short tbled, heads-up.Know the math--outs, equity, pot odds, implied odds, reverse pot odds.Keep notes on players and utilize tracking software so that I can u
  6. Wrong--you must subtract your initial investment--see my explanation above.Fullhouse7
  7. You answered it--$1MM to make $20MM or $19MM profit. Easy answer: $19MM x .025(1/40)=$475,000. -EV
  8. Online tourney analysis that applies to ALL limits and (aside from B&M tells/online betting patterns) applies to sng's as well . CLick http://www.zeejustin.com/articles.php?art_id=6 or read here. Best analysis I've read in a long time:Inside My Tournament Game [07.20.2005]On Sunday, I entered a $350+28 tournament on Party. The tournament attracted an astounding 2,334 players, and first place prize was just over $171,000. The Stars Sunday tournament was also big, and I decided that since the prize pools were so big, and since I could use a bit of real tournament practice before the upco
  9. Happens all the time. I simply move on and avoid the thought impulse to slam the jerk and going on possible tilt to bust his stack. Never respond to those comments either---mute him if it continues. Play your A game which includes patience.Fullhouse7
  10. I was awarded seat 1 tourney--I'm on time to register and I cant access tourney--15 mins prior to tourney I call customer support and am given a total run around. I hope to win negreanu's protege contest---but IF I CAN"T PLAY OR ALLOWED TO HOW CAN I WIN???Fullhouse7
  11. full tilt poker---play or STFU--2317959--500+30rail me and watch me WINFullhouse7
  12. 4 games and ppl taking sides---please. A total of 4 1/2 hours of play!!! Long term, I think DN wins, but presently, way to early to tell. Variance, enuf said.Fullhouse7
  13. As the OP stated, you are the top notch pro. I wouldn't play as originally stated in the OP's hypothetical. I'm DN or Ivey or whatever. I don't need the money and I wouldn't want that over my head. And, yes, someone else would take his money, but I wouldn't want that guilt. This reminds me of the Stu Ungar thread where the tbl took his last money (and it was obvious Stuey was a junkie). Again, under this hypothetical situation, I'm a rich pro and wouldn't want to contribute to some kid's demise.
  14. Not a direct transfer---it's called a wire transfer. Wire transfers are immediately available within 1 hour, based upon business banking hours of said institution.
  15. Obviously situational, however, at a full table math matters more than at a short table or heads up. Short tabled or heads up---then instinct matters more.
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