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  1. Chan has supposedly been crushing the big Macau games from what I've heard so no surprise there. Surprised from seeing names like Elky and Duhamel as well. No Phil Hellmuth yet , odds he plays?
  2. Got this e-mail like 2 weeks ago, and before that I had rakeback by just opening account and not depositing so don't think u need to.
  3. I used ewalletexpress but yeah like some1 said the fee's suck. I'd be willing to trade some cake if u need it, can't pass up that 33% RB lol just PM me or hit up my aim (same as here).
  4. http://forums.holdemmanager.com/
  5. Nothing to add here, just quoting a dinkdonk post on fcp cuz there so rare and will be worth gazillions someday.
  6. Xtension is the fish at the table so not real worried about him.. UTG raiser is a multi tabling reg who is like a .9BB/100 winner over 1.8 mill hands. I have him at 20/14 over 240 hands. Were 180deep with the 3bettor who is a BE/slight losing reg over 300k hands iirc. He's 28/22 10% 3b over 60 hands.v1.24Moooooooooooraaawwwr.Cereus No Limit Hold'em $0.50/$1 - 6 playersButton XTENSION333: $152.60 SB CTUNA1: $48.65 BB Hero: $282.75 UTG PENGUINS25: $100.00 UTG+1 HUNTNDUC18: $168.05 CO 71BUCKSPIZZA: $179.20 Preflop: ($1.50) Hero is BB with : : (6 players)PENGUINS25 raises to $3.50, HUNTNDUC18 fol
  7. the 1k FT has been awesome to watch.
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