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  1. pre-paids stopped working last year around june or july in USno magic wand will work either , that stopped as of jan 1st , this year. western union or move to canada
  2. 27 January 2011, 8:51 pmRealKidPoker: Jessica Alba is hotter in person. She was sitting next to me on the plane and is cuter without makeup IMO.Just landed in LA. Good to be homejessica alba - tmz
  3. he was just pissing in the wind and htting every time,,ace and a bag of poop, call , hit win
  4. edit , i just woke up from a flexeril lunch break , wow, i feel rested. slept thru both games and asking corvair what his damn username is , when he clearly post the tournement ##good luckdoing a silent rail , only have 157K playmoney on the booksshouldnt that count for at least ten real dollars , so you can berate your fav player
  5. is anyone getting it done? come on now , give me something to rail , i dont care, final 20 tables , something
  6. i was wondering why you were not in on this , slacker
  7. to clasify me as binary or having only binary thoughts on just that one quick sentence is kinda binary. but you win and i love you
  8. so donating silly bands is greater than not doing anything ... i call bullshitit is equal in nothingness except for you have a handful of crap in your hand and you feel good about givingdoesnt this go back to the dems way of thinking... " well, at least we tried, and thats what counts"what do they do with their portion of silly bands. why not get the kids to all piss into a container andship that off to em, is that greater than nothing and also greater than the silly bands?
  9. damn you kobe , ace 8 off , really. man i had high hopes for you gg though , 8+hrs.
  10. had to deposit using snail mail so be patient with me until it gets approved. should be sometime early next week. cant wait to win all the money
  11. they havent changed his information in the ' find a Team Pokerstars Player ' option. is this something that has to wait until " normal business hours "
  12. and its only 8 days into the new year ... take this down daniel , just wish there was a live stream of this happening right ******* now
  13. i dont mean to hijack your thread but ..... i could use the information as well .
  14. i agree, you would of had a minimum of three o's involved if you were selecting the elongated meaning of loseso now you are just covering it up with a lie but it doesnt matter because the loose loooooose or lose still means you l o s t
  15. just purchased two seperate Mega Million quick pick lottery tickets today. the drawing is for Jan. 4 2011 and estimated jackpot value = 290 million dollarsselling pieces on each ticket up to 50%face value cost - 10% cost .10 centsi am pretty sure i have the winning ticket .... if you want piece of action transfer to my ps acct.when it comes time to divvy out the winnings I will fly you to vegas where I will present you with your percentageonce your transfer is complete i will pm you the numbers. specify either ticket a (115220) or ticket b (115222)edit - i will be opting for the cash option.
  16. my first hand of the year was 8 6 sooted, i was eating a sausage biscuit while playing and the thing was sooo damn good i misclicked and folded. i folded eight six sooooted. i was pissed. sure sign of times to come .fold aa every time this year and you will be winner
  17. i am going to stay in tonight.... wish me luck.hny
  18. Your exactly right. That is totally uncalled for, but i geuss you need to the boost your status. I won't waste my time with a response to your ignorance I think this comment might have been in your defense , if fact i am pretty sure, which then leads me to believe that you are sniping at this point and not actually reading and understanding comments made.
  19. i just put baby powder in my shoes and it feels nice. i see you broke down max's post and surgically dismantled any arguement he had , very nice work sirwelcome to the forums and if you can.... ease up on the digs with msp he is awwwright
  20. that is comforting to know . thanks for taking the time and giving me the input. never thought i would care about an animal (so much)but it is what it is ...i go in tomorrow to pay the gigantic late night bill so will probably bring her with me for a follow up. her eye looks pretty damn scary right now ... thanks speedzzzzzzzz , needed that
  21. I have a 15 month old Shih tzu female. I believe she got a laceration in the center of her eye from my sisters cat while visiting Christmas day.on the drive back home yesterday she slept all the way home and was real lethargic. I was driving and just put it off to having a busy day and she was tired.once i got home i did a visual inspection and noticed her left eye was barely open. long story short .... i called the emergency # for my vet and at 1am i took her in to get checked. he confirmed the laceration and gave her some antibiotics and pain killer. sent me home with Tobramycin drops and
  22. and if popcorn gets made late at night , can it be our popcorn
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