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  1. Don't know about online as most of my experience is live but in my opinion1. I like to bet, raise, and cap with strong draws on the flop, but not the turn or river. This can give you a free card and helps disguise big hands.2. depends on the table, the tighter the table to less valuable they are, at loose crazy table i like to start building a pot. it also depends on how big you want your swings to be.3. Again depends on the table and how big you want the swings to be and how tight or loose the table is, your image is important here as well, if your seen as a maniac you'll be paid off alot
  2. I never post but i was so sick about this one.Live 5-10 @ Brantford Casino in OntarioI'm on the Button with 88 Flop in caped a 4 bets 9 WAYS!!! (the BB is the only fold) for a pot of $185.Flop come 8 4 3 rainbow It's caped 7 ways for a pot of $325turn is a 6 completing the rainbow. the pot is caped 6 ways for a pot of $560 (one player is all in for 3 bets)River is a 3 the pot is caped 4 ways with on player calling 2 bets and folding for a pot of $730I ask who has quads with no response and flip my 8's, 44 and 66 are turned in disgust, player who was all in shows A 5 and finally an older man sh
  3. BB had about $90, the rest of th table had from $100 - $400. I don't mind a raise to $50 but I think alot of people will read you for AA. If you move all in some will hopfully think your making a move with AJ or KQ. The guy went on a little rant about how dumb it was fro the guy to play with 4 7. I disagree, there is not many conecting cards i'm not gonna play when i'm getting 8 - 1 preflop. But maybe that just me.
  4. This hand came up while i was playing a live 1/2 NLHE. It was a fairly loose game pre-flop and one player continusly raised to $5 resulting in some pretty big pots as there would usually be 5-6 callers. So this guy raises to $5 UTG and gets 8 callers including the big blind. The big blind ends up pushing in on the turn, after it is checked around on the flop. He gets one caller and shows Aces, the caller show 4 7 for two pair. 4 7 holds up and the aces lose. Anyways, my opinion is the big blind should just move in before the flop and to the $40 profit or maybe get called by 1 player who
  5. I think really the only hands that beat you on the turn and make any sense would be 4c 5c or AA. I think I would have rasied the turn hoping that this would represent the flush so that AA might check it down on the river and 4c5c may be scared of another flush. i would have read you as having etheir kings with the king of clubs or AK with the king of clubs. I'm still pretty sure the button had AA. but i always think everyone has aces.
  6. In Super System 2 and The Banker, the Lawyer, and The Suicide King it talks about how Todd Brunson didn't learn poker from Doyle and Didn't even play until he was in collage and was never exposed to the gambling lifestyle. But in Super System 1 there is a picture of what appears to be a young Todd sitting in front of a bunch of money with the caption "Like Father, Like Son". So whats the deal?
  7. Sorry i thought you were talking 2/4 no limit. Niagara always has 2/4 limit its raked 5% up to $5 with a min. rake of $2 after the flop. Good luck!
  8. Yeah that was true... 2 Years AGO! The rake is for 1/2 is now 5% up to $5 a pot. I don't think ethier casino spreads 2/4, but Niagara has 2/5 on weekends. I think it is also raked at 5% but $7 max. Also I pretty sure they have a min rake of $2 to after the flop.
  9. Last week I was staying at the Stratosphere and had just finished eating dinner when I walked out of the resturant and who do I see.... Johnny FRIGGIN Chan. He was wondering around the valet parking enterance and I asked him if he was Johnny Chan and he said " Yes, I am Johnny Chan" and gave me a walking away hand shake. He wondered around the area for a bit then met with a casino executive and went up the elavators. So this leaves me thinking.... Why would Johnny Chan be at the Statosphere?
  10. On Friday I'm leaving for Vegas amd will be staying for a week. Does anyone no where I can play low limit PLO? I checked allvegaspoker.com but couldn't seem to find anything.
  11. He flipped his cards, so it now up to the dealer to decide the wining hand. Thats just the way it is just about everywhere. The cards have to be thrown face down for a player to muck them. In this case the dealer mucked the cards so your beef is with him.
  12. Just keep telling yourself that and the lonley feeling will go away.
  13. One of the interesting things about poker and all forms of gambling from a mental health perspective is that when played with other people (live) it is a social activity and helps to develop social skills. But when played alone (online) it has an opposite effect. When you play live people are laughing, joking and there are immediate consequences for anti-social or inappropriate behaviour (ranging from being kicked out of the casino to getting beat up by another player). For proof of this just watch the main event coverage in 2003 then compare the way the players act socially to 2006. If
  14. I don't think they'll will care when there's a 15 person list. The player's the OP is mentioning put in 40 - 60 hrs a week so I also don't think they'll care about 1 guy they've never seen before and his 10 hours.
  15. Was this Brantford? If it was then you just have to leave or risk tighening up the game. The players your talking about are friendly but explosive and it's easy to turn them on each other with comments about one being better then the other or one being afraid of the other. But you won't be having in the dark raises and the big pots you discribed. They will all get TAG and be tough to beat. As for the casino staff most of them are great but there are a few assholes amongst them as with every poker room.
  16. Its a 3 way tie DN, Scotty, and Phil Ivey all have 6.
  17. Tied for 1st in most final tables, 1st in Highest Career Winnings, and 1st in Overall Player Standings.
  18. What in the world are you talking about? Where does it sat anything about 3x the big blind? ALL THE RULE SAYS IS YOU HAVE TO BET OR RASIE IF YOU ARE LAST TO ACT ON RiVER WITH THE NUTS! Nothing about 3 x the big blind.
  19. 1) It is only if you are LAST to act2) This is just a rule for this tournament so what dose it matter what happens at a limit tourney3) its always posible to know what the nuts are. If there is a posible straight flush then quads arn't the nuts.
  20. I assume its to stop soft playing and collusion. I think it is a great rule, Poker isn't a team sport.
  21. I don't think they make millions from books, games, and site endorsments. Most people would never buy a poker book, and of the few who would most won't even make it through the first chapter let alone read it and have the desire to buy another book. Poker video games sell for dirt cheap (usually half the price of a normal game) and still don't do well. I assume the site endorsments aren't that much, but i could be wrong. Ethier way I am happy these people still call themselves poker pro's otherwise the world would still view poker pros as the greasy creep hustling 5/10 or the internet wi
  22. At least we'll never go hungry... because americans are full of ****!
  23. http://www.thepokerbay.org If you have never used torrents before we will need do a little reading but it will be well worth it.
  24. Just off the World Poker Tour website under the leaderboard link. http://www.worldpokertour.com/players/?x=leaders
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