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  1. Neteller charges 1.9% on currency exchanges.so when picking the currency of your account it is best to pick the currency that will be used most often.For instance I have a Canadian $ Bank account but my NT account is USD simply because I play on different sites all of which use USD.I only get hit with the currency exchange fee when when I withdrawal.
  2. I sat down at a 2/5 NL game once and only once live.500$ to startAA first hand and I triple up vs JJ and 78. (SUPER SUPER LAGGY game)I go on a SWEET hot streak and build it up to just under $5000. My biggest win ever in my life by about 4KI notice I'm late to hit a friend's home game, so I rack up and say Deal me out. (I was UTG anyways)Dealer deals me in anyways. I sigh - fine I'll look.Two beautiful black acesI pump to $35.MP is Super LAG - he started the game off by pushing his first 10 hands, just to get chips on the table and build up his stack (this was before I got into the game)he repu
  3. the company just lost 65% of it's market - uuuhhh yah they are going to cut jobs.I would not expect them to just stop everything though. They still have 200million in the bank and will sstill post a profit of about 20-30 million in 2007
  4. I would guess at some point in the survey it will ask for your email address. Then when you include your userid the person whom created the survey will have your Email + Userid.Then they only have to hack your email, request a password from Stars and bang your account has been hacked.When it comes to money Never ever ever do anything at all unless you initiate it. (or at the VERY least you do it starting from the Stars site itself)
  5. anyone know how they chop tournaments in progress?or at what point they make that decision?
  6. does anyone know what will happen to those of us in the money in a tournament? even chop or chop based on chipsor chop based on position?
  7. please post when you are able to get back on.
  8. This shouldn't be news. This was announced back in Oct/Nov when all of this came to fruition.Neteller no longer allows Instacash transactions for US players.Neteller is a publically traded company and as such must hold an account with 110% of the player balances on it's site at all time.I use to work there. Your money is safe. It is the US government that will screw you.
  9. Of course I raise this. and I did raise this... you know since I am Logun007 and you are not.....
  10. 500$ is no where near enough to play a 200$ SNG let alone a 100$ one.You should be playing mainly 10$ SNGs with this kind of roll.
  11. here is an excellent BR management article:http://www.pocketfives.com/5C57520F-8A89-4...D240CB3E59.aspx
  12. I'm sure he doesn't just sit on every single win within his BR. He most likely moves money around so he is able to bet on gold and football...etc.He specifically said "... I lost over a million in one play, and that took up a significant part of my playing bankroll..."
  13. is there a thread where DN is texting his hands too as he did in earlier events?
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