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  1. Anybody still playing?
  2. QJ of hearts is a pretty hand. That's about it. Especially UTG.
  3. Playing it again tonight. I've gone deep the last two nights in a row, going to try to make it 3 nights tonight. Already up to over 9k with blinds still just 50/100.Got all in with Kings against AQ and Jacks and tripled up when I flopped quads. Then took another big load of chips when a small stack raises to 200 in EP a guy smooth calls and I call with KQ on the button. Flop comes QQT and all the money goes in. First guy had A7 and the second guy has Aces. I turn quads and in back to back hands picked up quads. So anybody else in this thing? I like to rail as I play so let me know. Anyways up
  4. 68k with 25 left. 8th place in chips. Not doing too poorly.
  5. The rail has pushed me to 45k with 31 left ... thanks CheckWat.
  6. 27,578 with 93 left. Hopefully I can hold on and at least get maybe a hundred out of this.
  7. Up to 5215 with blinds still just 30-60. Not doing so bad. Got Aces all in against Queens and AK and took it down.
  8. Anybody playing the Midnight Madness $10 tonight? Last night was quite the bit of fun with the few guys on here playing along.
  9. Typical raise with AQ in cut-off, called in BB. Flop comes harmless, I bet after a check, get raised all-in and I fold. Now in all-in stage and badda bing...I'm out...Good luck.
  10. This 7400 could really use a double up. I need chips!
  11. Yeah, guy I'm referring to is one of the typical guys that keeps explaining his suckouts andwhy he is better than everyone. CheckWat has put him in his place.
  12. Be careful...Dags is a pro that likes to play in LA. I hear he's at your table. You are in trouble.
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