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  1. Wow! She is one hard core drunk. Does everyone get roasted these days? Every time I flip through the channels someone is getting roasted from BaBa Boowie to Flava Flav to Chevy Chase. We are over-roasting.
  2. Ashley Olsen harbored a crush on Heath since "10 things I Hate About You." She had made countless attempts to woo him over the years going so far as to offer him a percentage in her production company Dual Star as well as a lead role in the company's next 10 films. But the love was unrequited. Heath's Australian heart belonged to another young woman by the name of Mary-Kate. When a mutual friend of the sister's let it slip that Heath had taken quarters in Mary-Kate's New York city penthouse, Ashley became enraged and filled with a burning hatred for the Perth native. Employing her detailed
  3. Hate to resurrect this, but did anyone see the Larry King interview where Aiken defends himself against all the gei accusations and ends up doing the exact opposite. Probably the only full King interview I have ever watched. That guy is even more boring than my great-grandmother's house.
  4. Hilarious. Didn't Bill Hicks have a bit about this?
  5. Wolf's gimmicks are so terrible that he has easily become my favorite gladiator. Whatever happened to Siren, the original deaf gladiator?
  6. What a moronic thing for Lee to post in a public forum. Jason Lee sounds like a terrible, terrible, (sometimes bold) idiot.
  7. Who would have though Vern (Stand by Me) would have gone on to such greatness
  8. Has anyone used this website for Table Selection? I pay for Sixth Sense now but I would rather get the same thing for free. How do they come up with their ratings?EZFlop
  9. ezflop212


    There is an article at steamykitchen.com about turning cheap steaks into really good ones. The premise is basically salting the hell out of the steak about an hour before grilling. I have tried it the last several times I have grilled steaks and it works really well.
  10. Jamey Abersold has a great ear training program called Jazz Ear Training that really gives your ear a workout. It is a bit tedious to do the drills, but over time you will be able to identify chords like C#7add9b13 without even thinking about it.
  11. To answer the OP, wholenote.com is a pretty good website that has a lot of great lessons available in tab and notation. I have been playing for 20+ years, studied classical and jazz composition/theory in college and I still find really useful stuff over there. They have lessons for all levels of players.
  12. Just got it. The controls really are seamless. Another great addition to the Mario line-up.
  13. Remember how akward Larry Bird looked when he dribbled? Still one hell of a player though.
  14. I feel a power point presentation coming on.
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