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  1. Thanks for the info!Good thing I have fast internet access at the office so I can keep up with all these free games.
  2. Thanks FCP for doing this again!Entry submitted, e-mail received a couple minutes later.
  3. Anyone know a good site to find who is playing in what events?I guess it is almost impossible to have good info on this considering the overlapping of events, that players can decide at the last minute to play or not, etc.
  4. Same here.Worse yet is that I didn't score in my other pool thru 5 event picking 15 players
  5. IN - confirmation received.Nothing too crazy with my picks, but should be good enough ;)Thanks FCP!
  6. [ ] had problems with outtages[ ] received email about bonus[ ] received email about echeck[x] can't "check bonus offer" until tonight[x] only cleared about 25% of last month's bonus offer[x] prefer $25 cash over bonus[x] doomswitched while trying to clear last month's bonus
  7. Having played in 1 and 2 (without the results I was looking for - ldo), I hope it continues.I guess it is a good sign that it is still listed under the promotion on fcp.com. I don't like that 2008 WSOP is no longer listed as a promotion, as I was hoping for another FCP WSOP promotion.
  8. Congrats Figger!Being at your table, IIRC you were allin several times early. Excellent comeback.I wish I didn't like Stud8 so much b/c I sure do run and play bad in it.
  9. Nevermind - figured things out.FWIW, the tourney ID is 75447786.GL All
  10. Could someone post the tourney ID number for the Horse TOC?Thanks
  11. RIP ChipMy thoughts are with his family and friends.
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