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  1. Or am I overreacting? Here's the deal: like many, I have an account that I use only for online transactions. Thus, I don't check it too often. Back in October I made a "tester" deposit of $60 using PokerStars echecks. I got the funds, but didn't check whether it had left my account until a few days ago. It had, but on the same day of the withdrawal, there was a DEPOSIT of $100 made. I checked the company, and it was a one of PS' echeck processors. Being a good person (and thinking they would figure it out sometime), I e-mailed them about it, thinking it must have been a mistake. After
  2. Indeed. I understand that point. It was a joke. Hence the cute winky thingy.
  3. Is there a link anywhere to what was said?
  4. While I'm at it, are there rules (I'm assuming there are) for withdrawing money while you are working on a bonus?
  5. So what is the ratio for $'s raked? Isn't it 10 bonus points for every dollar raked, or it only 5?
  6. Is the ratio still 10 points per $1 entry fee, or is it different? I though it was the same, but I just played a 20+2, and only ten points were given.
  7. It's extremely annoying. I don't mean high-high limits, but I can never seem to find an SNG in the 30-50 dollar range that wasn't a turbo.
  8. No, I'm not worried about clearing them. As I mentioned, it's expected, I just hadn't ever had more than one bonus in an account, so didn't realize that was how it worked. More than one bonus.
  9. As I've never been much of a "bonus whore", I only just realized that you can't clear bonuses concurrently. I guess it makes sense, it's just that 750 hands looks a lot farther down the road then the 450 I thought was goign to happen. Just a little rant.
  10. I thought this was funny the first time i read it. I mean, if he's not in the top five? Why not use one of your top five actors names as your screenname? It's not as if "NortonFan" has anything exceptionally witty about it to put it above all others. Why not "BrandoFan" or "PacinoFan" or someone actually IN your top five? Not knocking the name, just knocking the theory behind it. Then again, I'm known as "The Admiral" on various sites simply because 8 years ago as a freshman in college, we were studying Admiral Stockdale, so who am I to talk?
  11. I remember reading someone's blog about how they were doing this. But they were doing it live. That must have ultra annoying for the floor person.
  12. I don't know how helpful this will be to others, but to make sure nothing like this happens to me, I have a separate bank account for electronic fund transfers. If I ever need to deposit, it only takes a second to transfer funds from my "real" bank account to my "EFT" bank account. When I withdraw from neteller, I just move that money out of the account. The account doesn't have any kind of overdraft provision (I made sure), so a request without my knowledge would just get denied.
  13. Then this so-called "Jedi" wasn't really a Jedi, because he gave me half of his stack when all he held was top pair. The reverse-psychology jedi mind trick is one that few have in their bag....
  14. This guy's name was "Jedi" at my table, so after he called my pre-flop raise (I had AKd), I said "You don't want to be in this hand....." "This hand is no good for you....."This other guy said "you shouldn't be saying stuff like that. I told him I was just trying a jedi mind trick, and he said "but this is for real money" (It was only a $20 SNG).So the question remains: are jedi mind tricks ethical at the table? Was it the force that forced the other Jedi to pay me off when I hit the nut flush on the turn? Would the chastizer have been less upset if he had seen the jedi hand wave that I di
  15. It's actually saying unable to connect because my account is blocked. I find that odd. Cusomer support seems to be busy.Live support says the site is down. Better than me being blocked.
  16. Karma bit me in the tail. Hard to put Coinflip on 2/4 after a raise to give him the straight
  17. It's too bad FCP doesn't let you transfer funds, I wanted to offer up a bounty on me, just for kicks. I'm not going to mess with karma by saying anything like, "as chip leader, it looks like it might be safe." No, I'll stay away from saying anything like that.....
  18. Can't see the forest through the trees....Someone shoudl set up a SNG to play why people rail. That someone could be me, but I'm not doing it unless there's interest....
  19. Let's play a $100 HU SNG, then you'll double my money, minus the rake, and with no handling fee
  20. I have been playing short handed, $50 NL (I'd have to go back down, obviously) almost exclusively on UB and FCP. I had $100 in pokerrewards to clear the pokersource bonus, and promptly pulled in after I cleared it. So where are the good re-load bonuses, or else, where are other good short handed games? Or PLO, I was really into that for a while.
  21. It's pretty good for clearing a bonus (I think it was pokerroom I did this with). Started with only $50 so a friend could get the free $50, and cashed out with about $100, and it was almost all SNG's. Small sample.
  22. Ditto. It sucks, yea. Not worth a post. You kind of sound like a "young" 19. And these Nevada Jack chips must be something else....
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