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  1. www.bigpoker.ca is where you will find Daniel's interview from last night (not sure yet if the host has put up the mp3 yet)
  2. Are you talking about this?http://www.amazon.com/Poker-Superstars-Inv...=UTF8&s=dvdI have this dvd. It's pretty good. I highly recommend it.
  3. I just watched the other semifinal match and it was night and day compared to this one.I loved watching Antonio and Gus play their semifinal.
  4. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago during the Festa Lago (the Bellagio WPT tourney) and I met Gus Hansen (very nice - gotta picture taken with him). I also got to meet Sexton and he's just the nicest guy! I told him how much I appreciate him taking on the online gambling bill. I saw Jamie Gold at the tourney and he had a bodyguard with him the entire time Scotty Nguyen was really nice as was Doyle. I saw Barry Greenstein too but he walked by too quickly - couldn't stop him for an autograph.The only one that day that I wanted to meet but didn't was Daniel!!!! Apparently he snuck into the Fon
  5. I think Gus' middle name is Jacobensen (or Jacobsen) - I read it somewhere on a backgammon forum.So Antonio is calling him Dr. Jacobensen. Antonio likes to call everyone "Dr." (he called David Grey "Dr. Grey" on HSP2).Gus' full name is Gustavo Jacobsen Hansen.
  6. Taken from www.pokernews.com:Mercy me, Isn’t That Great?Is it possible that two of the more high profile and more attractive players are a couple? Yesterday, at an event at the Venetian, we saw two top non-American pros being very cozy with each other. Most of the speculation at the media table centered on this, instead of the event we were all attending. With everything going on in poker at the moment, we figured some fluff like this is exactly what everyone could use.Daniel: are they talking about Isabelle Mercier (Mercy me?) and Gus Hansen (Isn't that Great?)????
  7. Some of my favourite quotes:From PSI Season 3, Mike Matasow was picking on Gus Hansen saying he was the worst player ever. Gus says "actually there's this one guy in Ohio who's worse than me but once he dies, yes I'll be the worst player." - this got a huge laugh from Phil Hellmuth at the table.In the Monte Carlo Invitational (thanksgiving) tv special, Devilfish said that he wanted to take this tv opportunity to say hi to his children. "all 17 of them" joked John Juanda. LOL
  8. I checked but couldn't find a topic on this (so please don't get mad if this is a duplicate post - I *DID* check!)There will be a High Stakes Poker UK edition filiming in London England on Sept 12, 2006 and will air in January 2007 in the UK.Some of the confirmed participants include:Phil IveyGus HansenHoward LedererErik SeidelJennifer HarmanJohn JuandaMike MatusowErik LindgrenChris Ferguson http://uk.pokernews.com/news/2006/8/millio...r-cash-game.htmCan't wait to see Phil Ivey in a cash game!!!! Btw, they are also filming High Stakes Poker Canadian edition in Calgary in November 2006. Yukon
  9. The Gus/Daniel hand is now on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k8mdvx0RWM
  10. Gus and Howard Lederer are good friends, so it doesn't surprise me that Gus went to Full Tilt Poker.I am surprised Gus went for so long without a sponsor - he is a popular player and I'm sure lots of sites wanted him.Gus sold Pokerchamps in 2005 so that's why he's not affiliated with them anymore.I bet that Gus' deal with Full Tilt is comparable to Phil Ivey or Chris Ferguson. Even though Gus hasn't had much success recently, he's still a farily marketable player.
  11. Daniel was a guest on Rounders the poker radio show from Vancouver BC, last sunday, April 23, 2006.THe podcast of the show is now up:http://www.bigpoker.ca/
  12. So how is Daniel doing with his New Year's Resolution to do more exercise?I haven't seen him mention in it his recent blogs....
  13. You can purchase Season 1 of the Poker Superstars Invitational DVD at Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00096S2S...&v=glance&n=130I like Season 1 alot more than season 2 (haven't seen S3 yet). In Season 1 there were only 8 players but alot of post flop play. Not too many "All ins".
  14. So was he jealous of Gus Hansen's groupies? What did he say exactly?
  15. The taping of Bad Boys of Poker 2 is tomorrow night and the WPT site has info on going to watch the event:http://www.worldpokertour.com/calendar/?x=...=10&type=tapingHowever they still don't confirm who's playing the event.Although I do remember reading in the poker blog on Pokerpages.com during the LAPC that Phil Hellmuth was confirmed to play Bad Boys.Anybody here who else is confirmed to play?
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