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  1. I could get you on at a moments notice at Northview Golf and Country Club (home of Mike Weir's first PGA victory)Well worth checking out, as well as many other golf courses. Im a hack, and would tag along, but thatd be up to you.Enjoy Vancouver
  2. The guy you are probably thinking of is Kyle Wilson. He played b-ball at White Rock Christian, got a scholarship to UMass. came back, started playing poker. Plays under the name "krisqueen" on Full Tilt.He's done very well online, and gone deep in a couple WPT events. All 3 are very good players, and represent the city well. Mueller is actually a good friend of a friend of mine, and Ive played hockey against Kyle Wilson (I may or may not of fought him, cant remember)Hadnt heard of Shawn Buchanon until the Mandalay event, but obviously he's alright.If anyone is intrested, I know pokerwire w
  3. 3 card is a simple game once you get the basics. No bluffing, no reading tells, no nothing. All you have to do is beat the dealer. The real money is made on the pair plus betting circle.no matter what the dealer has, if you have a pair or a higher ranking hand, you win automatically on the pair plusHere in Vancouver the payouts are as followsPair 1:1Flush 4:1Straight 5:13 of a kind 30:1straight flush 40:1if you beat the dealer, you also win on the ante, and your play.the dealer must have at least queen high to qualify as a playable hand. K high and better wins3 bets in total on all games,
  4. Just took it down with A-8os vs A-5os.Flop came 8-4-4$1015 for first..it aint much but thats my first online tournament that I really tried to play well in. Most of the others were always small buyins so I didnt care. I usually play live, but Im happy with that.Thanks to all who railed
  5. Heads up..Im short stack $1015 for 1st $609 for 2ndcard dead to hell right now
  6. Folded an 8-5 offsuit that would've made quad fives.
  7. Floppin the nut straight sure doesnt hurt
  8. Final table, at the break, Im 2nd in chips..5 guys left..A little over 1000 for first. Havent played much online so Im not doin to badly. Tryin to take it home for FCP.screen name - jayhay
  9. was just watching Bloch and Hansen play Omaha on FTP...someone had asked Andy what he thought about DN's thoughts, he said, and I quoteMaverick505 (Observer): what has Daniel been saying???Andy Bloch: daniel has been saying nonsenseSeems like none of them can handle someone taking an opposing sideUPDATE:10:21 Andy Bloch: daniel has almost zero knowledge of antitrust law10:22 Andy Bloch: and almost all the bad publicity we've gotten because of the lawsuit is from daniel himself- Andy Bloch: why doesn't daniel talk to us first before repeating everything that lyle tells him?10:26 Andy Bloch: dan
  10. Long time lurker..finally postingI went to Vegas in June and have been 5 times in the last year.Mandalay Bay is my favorite...the old lady likes the pool there, and it has 3 seperate pools. But get down there early, a lineup forms for the main pool with the sand beach at about 7:15. If you take a short walk up some stairs to the left, you go to a smaller pool, with cabanas, its much quieter and more of an adult crowd, no little kids runnin around. And the bar is right beside you and not crowded.Was at the Paris in June, pool was decent, had no complaints, lots of space, lots of sun, and goo
  11. Being that I live in Vancouver, and Ive had season tickets for 3 years..I've seen both these goalies a lot.Cloutier is a phenomonal regular season goaltender. Has had 30 plus wins in the last 3 seasons, with a GAA of under 2.5 each year.The one downside to Cloutier is that he's prone to injury (last season, he only played 60 games.) Auld is a good goalie with tremendous upside. I find it doubtful the season will be split 60 games - 20 games...but with the new schedule having numerous back to back nights, who knows.Canucks coach Mark Crawford has never been a fan of putting the same goaltender
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