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  1. Hey Buddy, good luck at the casino - I am a dealer in Phoenix, AZ and mind you we are known for having some of the best tippers around. in limit games my ave tip is the size of the small blind except red chip or bigger games. 3-6 usually 1 dollar a hand, bigger pots or the monster suck out usually make me a couple more bucks on top. 4-8 usually 2 bucks across the board. in red chip games it usually starts at a buck on small and monster pots a 5 bird. high limits 3 per hand regardless. I hope this helps and good luck bro.+1 beyotch
  2. Well there are good sites Paradise and Full Tilt have always been good 2 me.I have cashed out multiple times and Im still winning there
  3. I cannot wait to start up a thread about this poker player someone might know, his name is Greg Raymer. I don't think we talk about him enough around here. See this one night he ran his mouth, then someone heard it. We laughed and now there is a bajillion threads to talk about it and I was just wondering how many more we can make???Any ideas on the over/under for that? its all good homey I got your back......stop making fun of him!there now everything is better
  4. Yeah I have Great news DN, Jack Bauer lives in season 2come on dude relaxtake a midol and calm down
  5. Sorry to inform you of this but I haven't seen any white guys drive any hijacked planes into any major buildings in a little while so try to back off a little bit. Besides He didn't say lets segregate planes, he said Isrealis have there sh!t together and guess what MR. POLITICALLY CORRECT they do. Just look @ how F'ed everything is where they are and look @ how many terrorist have hijacked planes. NONE so I guess it worked.+1
  6. I will go out on a limb and nominate David Chiu. Guy is unbelievable, I played with him a couple of years back @ LA Poker Classic, and remembered a hand I played with him when I bumped into him at the Series, with better detail than I tell the homies about. That is disgusting.+1
  7. Please explain how to track this down through Itunes. And props 2 the holmes here with info Thanks bro I appreciate it.Jack Bauer is the baddest MFer in the world
  8. It sounded like Juan was busy prepping the spa or he could have swung by...couldn't resist+1
  9. My fav are the fat chick on millionaire and probably all the disgusting stuff i can not stop laughing tonight
  10. Hey Gordon if DN wanted to call and chat I think he would have if it would have made a difference. With everything going on right now with online gaming, their timing couldn't be worse. Just understand anything that would have stopped this b4 it happened Dn would have done. Besides I am going to enjoy it when Puke and her moron brother and co. swing 4 this. The crap will hit the fan ...so to speak.
  11. Wow, I can not wait for another poker book from some one who thinks there are the best in the world...... let me guess, do this and that and the crappy low limit players will not suck out on you with 9-2 of hearts and blah blah blah you will become the next 3-6 player millionaire.Please spare us
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