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  1. Your ROI depends on how many tables you play, and the limits you play. Because you dont know this you probably play the $11s or 22s right? A good ROI would be 20-25% To give a ballpark figure around 500 SNGs would be good, more would be better.
  2. hahahaha funny stuff alf will u grant me that dannenman is the favorite among those 3 at least?Honestly..Danneman would destroy those two fools with a proper blind structure...If the structure is too fast...I don't know...Kanter will be donking away raising allin on draws and Tiffany will be pushing in with KJ...Danneman would be under a lot of pressure.But yes...I do grant you this..Danneman is at least 10 times better than both of them.I agree. I never saw anything wrong with Danneman besides the fact he was a little annoying, he played good solid poker and deserved to be at the final table
  3. SuicideKing86

    holy cow!

    From the title I thought this post was about Kathy Liebert. :? But I was glad to see it wasnt
  4. Whatever you do DONT play the 1-3, its awfull. I droped $60 there playing only premium hands from position. Haha I had Aces cracked by J5 after capping preflop, the turn and by the river I knew I was beat. I know its part of the game, but its more of a lottery than a game of skill. Iif you can catch cards its great, I got quad Queens and capped it to the river (made on the turn) and ended up with 2 callers showing down. If your a NL player you should probably play $100 - $300 max of whatever suits your skill/bankroll. When I was there they had a bunch of toureys going on, check those out
  5. I play there I love the way it looks, compared to Pokerstars. I havent had much of a software problem besides a chat freeze problem, and they had a server problem awhile back. One thing thats ticked me off lately was they took $10 out of my account for awhile I emailed them next time i checked it was back in there. I like AP but I have seen some really really bad beats in the last 4 weeks, I went from never having a losing week to having 4 in a row :?
  6. I have recorded my SNG stats these last couple days and I really am going nutz, after my last 15 SNGs I cashed 3 times. That is very bad for me considering I would dominate these games, but out of these 15 games I was knocked out with the best hand and was sucked out on 9 times! I realize this is not enought to tell anything and that I should take comfort in getting my money in with the best hand. And I used to take comfort in that but this is becoming re-donkulous. This is just one of the many bad beats I have come across the last 2 days, and it is far from the worst beat I have taken.
  7. Wasnt there one on Hollywood poker? or whatever it was called on E! I never saw it so I could be wrong. But of those choices you gave, Id say WSOP too for the same reason.
  8. Sorry about not putting this in the bad beat forum, i wasnt thinking all that clear at the timeBut limping in I dont think was all that weak due to how agressive the table was early on. This took place about 8-9 hands in, and there was crazy action. I would have raised to 120 if it was a tighter table and later on, if I didnt hit a set or saw undercards I was going to fold. There was a guarentee that he was not going to fold if I raised to 120, I think he went all in and showed A7. Yeah these are $2.20 and $1.15 SNGs :oops:
  9. Lately all I have been playing a SNGs and I did real well, but in the last 3 days over 15 SNGs I have been knocked out with the best hand and got killed by the turn or river. My QQ lose's to J6 off and every possible bad beat I can get. I admit my JJ ran into KK and I lost, thats poker and I deserved to lose hands like that. But this is making me crazy. Ohh yeah the tourney before this I floped a straight, got called by a guy who picked up trip 8s, river came a 8. I know its poker, but how long is this going to keep happening? lol Stage #248543489 Tourney ID 53249 Holdem Single Tourname
  10. It beats the ugly a$$ yellow they have now.
  11. I usually play those, but unfortunatly I am working :x
  12. Camaro91RSplay the .15/.30 double table, or single table .25/.50 Yeah im working my way up from instantbankroll. :oops:
  13. Play freerolls, if your a decent player its a great way to built a bankroll. You can find them at almost any site. With hardwork and dedication you will be playing in the WSOP
  14. Girlfriends are great at curing tilt then again there great at putting you on tilt too :?
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