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  1. best of luck, parlay that little bar tourney into a braclet!!!!!!!
  2. add the glowsticks and some X and you've got yourself a nice little rave at the poker table
  3. oh man scott master, i remember that guydid you ever play poker with him ryan?i think jeff beier transfered to ASU as well.......
  4. learn and play a different game. There's more to the poker world than just hold em
  5. Mark Vos used to play under the sn pokerbok.
  6. Tegucigalpa is a hot bed of internet access I hear
  7. no need to sweat finished 9th......went into the table shortstackedfirst hand of final table I was in the sb w/ Ak folded to me so i pushed, BB called w/ AK :(no real exciting hands until the last onemiddle position made a standard raise which was for my whole stack i was on the button w/ 66 and called. BB raised to 700k middle position folds, BB shows AK unfortunately he flops an A gg me. Woulda been nice to triple up and have some breathing room. Oh well
  8. guessing you won't have to worry about this. You can't sell your first seat, but if you qualify a second time you can sell that seat
  9. this thread could not have come at a better time as I was thinking about this the other day. Now that i'm back home visiting I remember what it's like to eat a home cooked meal. Or any meal that doesn't take 5 minutes and a microwave to eat. Really really need to learn how to cook.
  10. keep it up jeff playing well againGFL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hoosier....i'll be out here not sure what events i'll be playing, wanna get in a few thoughwe'll figure out something thoughMIKE
  12. well done jeff, i told you when there were 25 left that it was yours to winnicely played sirGFLoh yea and so glad we traded 10% woowoo
  13. tough one XAdoubled up 3rd hand w/ my AA vs. KKpulled a phil hellmuth and dodged a bullet w/ Ak on a K high flop vs. KK up to 4k early
  14. Starts in 1 1/2 hours. Anybody in??I'm in under the handle "michael bohling"gl to all
  15. No need to get a subscription when every casino here has the new issue when it comes out!!!!
  16. ^^^^ i wish i could read as good as this guy
  17. so basically what everyone who posted in this thread is trying to say is that party is going be flooded with more donkey's than usual?
  18. taco bell, grande soft taco and a grilled stuft burrito
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