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  1. NETELLER PLC (4th Floor, 1 Circular Road, Standard Bank Building, Douglas, Isle of Man)this is what it says on their site
  2. stop bowling for money, NOT YOUR STRONG SUIT.What are you down a grand this week already?
  3. They spread a $1000 min NL game with $5/$10 blinds occasionally. The game that I played often on the weekends was the $10/$20 Omaha/Hold'em and that game was awesome, the players are bad enough at hold'em, but you should see them play Omaha.
  4. he was playing 600/1200 stud H/L yesterday at the riomust not be much of a "wannabe"
  5. re-read my post, I never said anything about henderson being a dump, just the surronding areas.
  6. um, your avatar gets a big thumbs up!
  7. my advice for what it's worth....stay away from henderson. The area is nice, but the surronding areas are slummish. Look for apartments in the summerlin area. Currently have a 2bed/2bath for a tiny bit over 1k a month 1027/month. Right in your price range I'm assuming. The area is nice, no slummish parts. Anything you could possibly need is close. The area is not too far from the strip but its not too close, about a 15 minute drive.So cliff notes version, stay away from henderson, stray towards summerlin.
  8. he has his laptop with him in bobby's room
  9. well I was going to add something useful in this thread until I saw your signature w/ albaggggaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwddddddddddd dddddddaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. tough to win a braclet when you only play 1 or 2 events a year......
  11. cough gavin griffin cough
  12. had the same thing happen 89s vs. aksflop 10jqsGG me
  13. lol (your joke made me chuckle to myself)
  14. she's no kathy liebert, lemme tell you now that is one FINE broad
  15. he has every bit of 5 bets left, with two players all in, infront of him I think it's a good spot to gamble. But that's just me
  16. vida guerrero and no on moneymakers wife
  17. registered about a month ago, things came up this weekend so I'm not sure if I will be able to play or not
  18. Yea he does but why would you want to own microsoft when you could own the Wynn
  19. Live NL cash game4 limpers to me, I'm on the button w/ 33 so I limp. BB makes it 17 to go and all the limpers call, so I come along for the ride. Flop was 953, BB leads out for 30, UTG player makes it 100, everyone folds back to me. BB had the rest of the table covered but I had the UTG raiser covered.BB was oozing with strength and I was 110% sure he had 99. So i kinda held my cards up slightly when i mucked, guy next to me "don't you wanna go all in with that hand" me " i have 1 out".Anyway after the UTG player raises the BB moves in for over 800 and UTG calls.UTG - AA (wow great play le
  20. I guess I would have to say it partly depends on my opponents which is a stupid reason to not play my A game. If I'm playing a game where my C game will beat it, then i tend to stay less focused on that game and not put as much effort into it.Now if I'm playing a tough table (game selection I know) I will put more effort into playing my best because I take some pride in beating a tough(er) game.
  21. wow great score, sounds like he just dominated the final tableGG
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