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  1. off strip red rock casino in summerlin has a 4/8 o8 with a half kill running everyday
  2. i'm leaving vegas tonight.Gotta love Mom's thanksgiving dinner
  3. it's mostly european sites i believe
  4. What about walking in general?
  5. are YOU going to walk across water too???
  6. take a couple weeks off, reread SSII and then slowly work your way back into the grind
  7. I was always under the impression it was the mob guy that he owed money, can't think of his name at the momentCarmine??
  8. that's when you bite you're tongue and continue to let them pay you offwell minus the whole "them beating you part"
  9. holy **** what movie is that from???drawing a blank
  10. is that close to a brazillion?
  11. actually just got back from playing this, not a bad little tourney. Blinds get kinda high after the first hour, so accumulating chips in the first two hours is essential.Planning on playing the venetian 500 tourney tomorrow at noon 10k starting chips half hour blinds, should be fun
  12. correct he finished second for 4.25 million.
  13. may be making a stop by there today with kappakid83 and rbakken2504
  14. gl jon, stay patient the cards will come eventually
  15. according to cardplayer's magazine the bellagio cup's 1k events start with 5k in chips
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